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Project & Program Management

Meet Your Career Mentor

Your career mentor will be your main point of contact throughout Pathrise, extensively trained and equipped with research into industry recruiting and hiring.

Work With Industry Experts

In addition to your career mentor, you will also be able to work with a variety of industry mentors who are experienced project leaders at top companies.

week 1

Optimize Your Resume and Online Profiles

In addition to your career mentor, you will also be able to work with a variety of industry mentors who are experienced project & program managers at top companies.

Career Paths

Additional workshops and 1-on-1's are utilized to help you navigate and accelerate your growth in the diverse and open world of project management with clarity.

week 2

Opportunity Sourcing

Pathrise will help you source opportunities and network effectively by breaking down tactics that have been tested for hundreds of fellows before.

Estimation and Market Sizing

Interviews often include Estimation case questions because professionals are expected to be able think quickly and justify quantitatively. This workshop will provide a foundation for doing "napkin math" and give you an opportunity to practice your approach to answering these question.

week 3-5

Interviewing Fundamentals

Through our behavioral matrix, we'll teach you how to nail your elevator pitch and draft answers to questions we predict with data.

Project Management

We also teach you how to manage projects from start to finish. This is critical  to communicate to hiring managers, as it conveys depth of project execution knowledge.

week 6-7

Intensive Interview Prep

Experience rigorous mock interview sessions as well as utilize weekly reflections with your mentor to improve after your real interviews.

How to Identify and Interpret Metrics

As part of our program, we deep dive into metrics and iteration so your knowledge is apparent in interviews.

week 8

Salary Negotiation and Lifetime Network

For each offer you get, your mentor will help you negotiate for more money and better benefits and leverage our growing network of fellows.

Written Case Assignments

We break down real-world examples of the best answers, helping you avoid the most common mistakes and increasing your chances of success.


Unlimited Weekly 1-on-1's and More Until You Succeed

After the first 8 weeks, the program continues. We continue to host additional workshops and support you with weekly 1-on-1's until you land a job that you're satisfied with. We don't think about Pathrise like a course that's done after you take it - we only consider ourselves successful when you have a signed offer in hand!

Step-by-step impact

“I met some amazing mentors and got meaningful advice on my job search. I wanted to get into the tech sector and I got actionable advice and tips to streamline my job serach.”

Hitaishi Singh

product line manager at onsemi

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Meet your mentor

Cassandra Green

Mindset Coach

Cassandra has coached groups and individuals for over 7 years, helping them grow past mental obstacles in their job search and shift into an empowered mindset. On top of being a coach at Pathrise, she also runs the personal growth subscription box company, CoachCrate.

Simone Alexander

Project and Program Management Mentor

Simone has over 10 years of Project and Program management experience, working with start-ups, and wearing multiple hats. A project that she’s most proud of is launching and running the TED Fellows Program. She has extensive experience in business strategy, program development, program/project management, audience development, and process implementation.

Your mentor works at one of these companies:

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If you aren't placed within 12 months, then you can waive your income share and pay nothing.

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