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What does your company do exactly?

Pathrise aims to give you skills that will help you accelerate your career. We help you through each step of the job seeking process by matching you with an experienced mentor and a broader community. From optimizing your profile, to increasing the number of interview opportunities, to prepping you to crush your interviews, to coaching you through the negotiation process after you get an offer, we will do everything in our power to help you optimize your career trajectory.

Why should I apply to Pathrise?

Getting a job that matches your interests, values and aspirations is a goal worth chasing both in the short and long term. How you apply and how you interview for a job is the first impression you give someone and you get one chance to do it right. While it might not be an exact science, there are plenty of well-defined patterns that can 10x your chances. We help you do that.

Is Pathrise really worth 9% of my salary for a year?

We understand that 9% is a big commitment, but every job seeker who participates in Pathrise improves their job seeking prospects by astronomically more than 9%. As a result, the Pathrise program pays for itself and then some. Beyond getting you better opportunities with higher salaries, our negotiation advice alone can account for a salary increase of over 10%. Every single part of our program, from teaching you how to do outreach that will 4x your response rate (5% to 20%) to interview preparation that improves your interview performance scores by at least 50%, is designed to statistically improve your job prospects way more than what you commit in return.

Can I try the program out before committing?

You are free to withdraw from the program within the first two weeks of it starting, no commitment necessary. Worst case scenario, you get two weeks of free advice from top recruiters and experts in your field.

What happens if I want to withdraw from the program after the two week trial period?

job seekers have an opportunity to withdraw from the program at no cost after 12 months if they didn’t receive a job offer during that time. In exceptional circumstances, we may approve withdrawals before the 12 month mark. In these cases, the job seeker will be required to pay a withdrawal fee. The fee is $250 for every week the Pathriser was in the program (excluding the first two weeks). This is at Pathrise’s sole discretion because we invest significant time and resources in every job seeker. We need to be consistent with our income share agreement policy in order to make the program free upfront.

What types of jobs or industries is Pathrise for?

Pathrise currently helps people find jobs in four key areas: software engineering, strategy/ops (including product), data, and UI/UX design. For each job seeker, we further personalize the track they've chosen to suit their specific needs and interests.

If I'm not ready for full-time positions, can you help find me an internship?

Individuals seeking internships between now and the summer and 2020 are welcome to join Pathrise by paying an upfront fee. Our ISA model is reserved for full-time job seekers.


What are the eligibility requirements for Pathrise?

Job seekers must be 18 or older and authorized to work in the United States to join Pathrise.

Beyond that, we look for a commitment to improvement and a baseline level of knowledge or skills to be productive in your field. While there is no secret formula, we do our best to work with those we feel like we are in a position to help. At the end of the day, motivation and commitment to the program matter more to us than your existing resume.

Am I not experienced enough/too experienced for Pathrise?

We advise a wide range of job seekers with varying levels of experience! Some are PhDs with multiple past positions and a specific target industry, or engineers with several years of experience under their belt looking for a new opportunity. Others are graduating seniors looking for their first job or self-taught bootcamp grads. For each candidate, we evaluate both their potential and how much of a difference our program can make before inviting them to be a Pathriser.

How does Pathrise account for diversity?

We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to become a Pathriser regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, religious beliefs or sexual orientation. Our internal application selection process is based solely on the merit, value and growth potential of the individual. One of the goals of Pathrise as a program is to help level the playing field for underrepresented minorities in the field of technology and demystify the part of your career that is not taught in the classroom, and depends greatly upon who you already know.

What does the application process entail?

Our application process is designed to be as simple and quick as possible! We have candidates fill out a brief survey, do a skills assessment (either via an online assignment or a virtual mentorship session), and finally complete a call with a member of our team to get their questions answered.

What does the timeline look like for applying to Pathrise and joining the program?

The application process generally takes 1-2 weeks from beginning to end, but if you are available and would like to be accelerated, we can often get you through the process in a few days or even faster. We accept job seekers on a rolling basis throughout the year, with each new cohort starting every two weeks.


How much of a time commitment is the accelerator?

Our job seekers typically spend an average of 10 hours a week on their job search up until they get hired. This includes up to four hours of sessions each week working with Pathrise mentors or other job seekers, with the remaining time spent on all of the activities you would already be doing for you job search. Pathrise as a program is designed to run in parallel to your job search, guiding you throughout your job search instead of giving you extra work.

We expect our job seekers to be committed to the program, but we are very flexible in working around class/work schedules, especially during hectic times, like before a big exam or project deadline.

Is the Pathrise program 100% online?

Yes, but you can have as many in-person sessions through our office as you’d like as well. All workshops and mentorship sessions happen online via Google Hangouts for maximum convenience and flexible scheduling. When you join Pathrise, you also gain access to our gated platform where you can access company guides, a job board, the Pathrise forum, and exclusive perks. Most of our mentors are located in the Bay area and we do organize meetups frequently, in case you are interested in in-person events.

How long does it take Pathrise job seekers to land a position?

60% of our job seekers apply for positions, interview, hear back and sign a final offer within 6 months, but we are willing to work with you for as long as you need to get hired. 90% of our job seekers accept a position within 9 months.

What can I expect in terms of referrals through Pathrise?

While we make an active effort to execute on every single requested referral from our job seekers, we’ve found job seekers who come into the program with the assumption that a referral is a direct way to an offer are typically unsuccessful. Referrals are a powerful tool, but are far from the only thing required to succeed in a job search. We do have an extensive network of both Pathrise alumni and professional contacts through which we can provide connections, but these referrals are typically only effective when combined with various other tactics that require significant effort on the job seeker’s part. Pathrise is oftentimes most effective for job seekers willing to dedicate invested time (5-10 hours a week) to their job search based on our assignments and program rather than a passive program where you just join and wait for interviews.

Which cities can I get a job in?

Any! Pathrise job seekers have gone on to work in major cities like San Francisco, New York, Seattle, as well as smaller cities around the country. Some Pathrise job seekers have even gone on to get positions in international locations, like London or Tokyo. However, a prerequisite of joining Pathrise is being authorized to work in the US. Another note is that our income share agreement also applies to jobs outside of the US.

Which companies do you help people land offers with?

We help our job seekers get jobs across a wide range of companies, both inside and outside of tech. We can help you land a job regardless of your interests, whether you’re looking for an early stage startup, one of the Big Four, or something else.

Pathrisers have gone on to work at many companies, including but not limited to, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Uber, Amazon, Zynga, Ipsy, Affirm, Yext, Magic Leap, Cryptomove, Lumahealth, TrueAccord, Abridge.AI, Codeacademy, Bitfusion, VMWare, Smarkets, Loop, Kaiser Permanente, Clover Networks, Doordash,, Arc Block, Cerner, Yelp, Postmates, LogMeIn, UPS, E&Y, Northrop Grumman, and more.

Pathrise is built around highly personalized mentorship and generalizable best practices so we can support you no matter what your goals are. We also have an internal network of over 200+ companies that we will introduce you to if it's a good fit.

You can find some example companies on our homepage.

Can you tell me more about how the mentorship works?

Each of our job seekers is matched with two mentors: a career mentor and an industry mentor. Our industry mentors have professional experience in the job field you are looking to enter and will help you develop your skills and domain knowledge to make you as competitive a candidate as possible. Our career mentors are experts on best practices for each step of the job search and will help you translate these insights according to your individual goals, strengths, and weaknesses. They’ll serve as your primary point of contact and as a sounding board and support system for any questions or challenges you encounter in your job search. You can view some of our mentor profiles here.

Will you help negotiate my pay?

Yes! We'll help you figure out if your offer is fair, if you could make more money, and if applicable, negotiate equity, stock options and other benefits as well. On average we can often get our job seekers a 10-20% lift by guiding them through the negotiation process, which in many cases covers the standard income share in and of itself! While negotiation results are certainly not guaranteed, our historical performance has been strong thanks to the additional information we have about the current job market.

Can I focus more on the topics that are the most helpful to me?

Of course! The Pathrise program is completely personalized to your unique situation. We heavily modify the program to suit individual circumstances and never give you busywork. Instead, we invest that saved time into helping you with whichever part of the job seeking process you could use more help with.

What happens after I get a job?

Outside of paying us back a small percentage of your income through monthly payments, Pathrise is a lifetime community. You'll always be a part of our family and be able to leverage the growing network of job seekers, both professionally and personally.


How does signing the income share agreement work?

The program is completely free until you’re hired, with no upfront payment for anything. You only pay Pathrise if the program actually works for you, meaning you accept an offer. Once you do start working, then you would pay us back 9% of your first year’s salary over the course of your first six months on the job.

Any time we make an offer to a potential Pathriser, we strongly recommend that they seek outside counsel (e.g. friends and family) before they sign anything. Outside of that, we do our best to hold the utmost transparency for any potential issue. The income share agreement itself is based on a standardized contract common as a financing option in higher education and online educational institutions. To get a better sense of what the income share agreement looks like, you can check out the one Purdue University uses (

What if I am already in some interview processes before joining Pathrise?

Depending on the exact nature of the situation, we will either entirely exclude or heavily discount existing offers or current work you have coming into Pathrise from the income share, so as to make sure you only pay us if the program actually works to help you get other offers.

If you are heading into final round interviews we can include an addendum to the contract that discounts the income share for that company to only 3%.

We are not able to offer a discount on the income share for any companies you aren’t in the final round interview stages with though, since we can provide significant assistance in helping you through those earlier stages all the way up until you accept an offer.

What if I am already working or what if I already have an offer from another company before joining Pathrise?

That's totally fine! If you're still interviewing or will continue interviewing for other companies, Pathrise will accelerate you in the program to help you get more offers. Depending on the exact nature of the situation, we will either entirely exclude or heavily discount existing offers or current work you have coming into Pathrise from the income share, so as to make sure you only pay us if the program actually works to help you get other offers. We'll still help you negotiate your original offer and help you choose between the ones you end up with. Either way, we make sure to add addendums to our contract to ensure you’ll never end up paying a full income share for anything we didn’t actually fully help with.

If you can provide documentation of any existing offers, we can include a written addendum to the contract stating that if you end up working with any of these companies, you will only pay a 1% income share instead of the full 9%.

How does Pathrise differentiate between a job I got through the program versus a job I got on my own?

Depending on the exact nature of the situation, we will either entirely exclude or heavily discount existing offers or current work you have coming into Pathrise from the income share, so as to make sure you only pay us if the program actually works to help you get other offers.

If you are heading into final round interviews we can include an addendum to the contract that discounts the income share to only 3% if you get an offer from that company. We are not able to offer a discount on the income share for any companies you aren’t in the final round interview stages with though, since we can provide significant assistance in helping you through those earlier stages all the way up until you accept an offer.

If you would like interview prep but aren’t interested in the income share model, we also offer ad hoc mentorship sessions: $100 for behavioral sessions such as behavioral interview preparation or negotiation and $200 for technical sessions such as technical interview preparation or project guidance. You can email for more details.

What if I don't like the offers I get or decide to forgo my job search for other opportunities, like research?

You are never obligated to accept any offer as part of Pathrise and we don't even make introductions or referrals for you unless you explicitly confirm your interest first. That being said, we do evaluate how motivated and committed potential job seekers are to finding a job and furthering their career before we extend an invitation to the accelerator.

How does the upfront fee option work?

For individuals who would prefer to pay a fixed cost upfront instead of an income share after getting hired, we offer an upfront fee option of $5500. The fee is due prior to joining Pathrise. If you withdraw from the program during the two week trial or after 12 months without receiving a job offer, your payment will be refunded.

Why can't I just do this alone?

There are several unique advantages to becoming a Pathriser. Here are a few:

We give you unlimited 1-on-1 time with an expert and insider knowledge on recruiting pipelines. Neither of those are things you can find online. It’s even more difficult to find that unlimited time and support from an ex-employee of a top company like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Airbnb.

The community is extremely strong. You'll build a network of people who believe in you, want you to succeed and will help you get there. job seekers are supporting each other by practicing for interviews together, trading referrals, and answering each other’s questions daily.

You avoid costly career and interview mistakes. We only get one chance to get off to a great start and make a positive impression in interviews. Those are life-changing moments. Often times, this is the first time or one of the first times, you've done this. With Pathrise, you'll 10x your chances of not only doing better, but also make sure you are not wasting your opportunities now with suboptimal mistakes.

You will make more money through Pathrise then what you pay. Historically, we have been able to achieve this consistently with the majority of our job seekers, either through the initial offer they receive or through negotiation afterward. Pathrise alumni go on to find better positions and make more money than their peers from day one.

It's guaranteed to work. We invest in you and your potential. Our model is based on your success so when you win, we win. You’ll never end up paying for a service that doesn’t work because if it doesn’t work, you don’t owe us anything.

Getting interviews, let alone passing them, is tough. Really tough. We've built Pathrise to help you navigate interviews and difficult questions within them increasing your chances of success exponentially.

We suggest companies you may not have heard of. It's great to work at top companies but there are plenty of other fulfilling, prestigious, or well-paying companies out there that could be a better fit for you. We help you find them with very specific tactics and through our network.


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