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What does your company do exactly?

We help you get a great job or internship. It's crazy how we'll pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for tuition but never learn real world professional and life skills. Pathrise aims to give you those skills that will help you accelerate your career. In short, we do this by introducing you to new companies every week, helping you crush your interviews with guided prep, optimizing your profile and even negotiating for you after you get an offer.

Is Pathrise really worth 9% of my salary for a year?

We understand that 9% is a big commitment, but we have to emphasize that every fellow that participates in Pathrise improves their job seeking prospects by astronomically more than just 9%. Beyond just getting you better opportunities with higher salaries, our negotiation advice alone can account for a salary increase of over 10%. Every single part of our program, from teaching you how to do outreach that will 4X your response rate (5% to 20%) to interview preparation that improves your coding test scores by at least 50%, is designed to statistically improve your job prospects way more than what you commit in return.

Can I try the program out before committing?

You are free to withdraw from the program within the first 2 weeks of it starting, no commitment necessary.

How does signing the income share agreement work?

Any time we make an offer to a potential fellow, we strongly recommend that they seek outside counsel (e.g. friends and family) before they sign anything. Outside of that, we do our best to hold the utmost transparency for any potential issue. The income share agreement itself is based off of a standardized contract. For example, like the one that Purdue University uses (https://purdue.edu/backaboiler/).

What if I don't like the offers I get or decide to do research instead?

You are never obligated to accept any offer as part of Pathrise and we don't even make introductions or referrals for you unless you explicitly confirm your interest first. If you do end up doing something else for the summer or year, you pay us nothing. That being said, we do evaluate how motivated and committed potential fellows are to finding a job and furthering their career before we extend an invitation to the accelerator.

What if I already have an offer from another company before joining Pathrise?

That's totally fine! If you're still interviewing or will continue interviewing for other companies, Pathrise will help you get more offers. We won't count your initial offer as us getting you hired, so you won't have to pay us unless we get you at least one additional offer. We'll help you negotiate your original offer and help you choose between the ones you end up with.

What types of jobs or industries is Pathrise for?

Pathrise has four core tracks: software engineering, product design, product management, and data. For each individual fellow, we further personalize the track they've chosen to suit their specific needs and interests.

Am I not experienced enough/too experienced for Pathrise?

Actually, we advise a wide range of fellows with varying levels of experience. Some are PhDs with multiple past positions and a specific target industry. Others are motivated freshman with no internships under their belt. For each individual fellow and each individual situation, we do evaluate both their potential and how much of a difference our program can make before inviting them to be a fellow.

Why should I apply to Pathrise?

Getting a job that matches your interests, values and aspirations is a goal worth chasing both in the short and long term. How you apply and how you interview for a job is the first impression you give someone and you get one chance to do it right. While it might not be an exact science, there are plenty of well-defined patterns that can 10x your chances. We help you do that.

What happens after I apply?

After you apply, we'll review your application and determine if it's a good fit. If it is, you'll likely interview with one of our team members to better understand your career goals. In some cases, you might have two interviews. If you're selected for admission you'll be notified through email and invited to accept your fellowship.

What makes a good application and how do you select people? Any tips?

We look for a commitment to improvement and a baseline level of technical skills to be productive in your field. While there is no secret formula, we do our best to work with those we feel like we are in a position to help. Just show us what makes you unique.

How much of a time commitment is the accelerator?

Though the specific timing varies for each individual, you can expect the Pathrise program to take 10 hours a week until you get hired (including your actual interviews). Most of our fellows apply for positions, interview, hear back and sign a final offer within 2 to 3 months, but we are willing to work with you for as long as you need to get hired. We expect our fellows to be committed to the program, but are happy to be flexible during hectic times, like before a big exam or project deadline.

Can I focus more on the topics that are the most helpful to me?

Of course! The Pathrise program is completely personalized to your unique situation. Because our fellows have ranged from undergrads looking for a summer internship to PhDs looking to enter a specific industry, we heavily modify the curriculum to suit individual circumstances. We never give you busywork. Instead, we invest that saved time into helping you with the other parts of the job seeking process you could use more help with.

What happens after I get a job?

Outside of paying us back a small percentage of your income monthly for your first year, Pathrise is a lifetime community of tomorrow's leaders. You'll always be a part of our family and be able to leverage the growing network of fellows both professionally and personally.

Will you help negotiate my pay?

Yes! We'll help you figure out if your offer is fair, if you could make more money and if applicable, negotiate equity, stock options and other benefits as well.

Which cities can I get a job in?

Any! Pathrise fellows have gone on to work in major cities like San Francisco, New York, Seattle and even smaller cities around the country.

If I'm not ready for full-time positions, can you help find me an internship?

Yes! Pathrise will help you find and apply to internships that are a good fit for you. We'll also help you interview and give you the best chance to get a return offer.

Which companies can you refer me too?

Our advisors and alumni often make recommendations to the companies they work at. We also have an internal network of over 200+ companies that we will introduce you to if it's a good fit. You can find some of those companies on the homepage.

How does Pathrise account for diversity?

We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to become a fellow regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, religious beliefs or sexual orientation. Our internal application selection process is based solely on the merit, value and growth potential of the individual.

Why can't I just do this alone?

There are several unique advantages to becoming a Pathrise fellow. Here are a few:

We give you unlimited 1-on-1 time with an expert and insider knowledge on recruiting pipelines. Neither of those are things you can find online.

We can vouch for you. You'll build a network of people who believe in you, want you to succeed and will help you get there.

It's stressful and confusing to find an opportunity, do well on an interview, negotiate an offer and choose what's best for you. Often times, this is the first time or one of the first times you've done this. With Pathrise, you'll 10x your chances of not only doing better, but feeling more confident in the process.

We help you figure out what to do and which companies are the best fit. We believe your first job matters and it's important to get off to a great start. As a result, Pathrise alumni go on to find better positions and make more money than their peers from day 1.

It's guaranteed to work. We invest in you and your potential. Our model is based on your success so when you win, we win.

You avoid costly career and interview mistakes. We only get one chance to get off to a great start and make a positive impression in interviews. Those are life-changing moments.

Getting interviews, let alone passing them, is tough. Really tough. We've built Pathrise to help you navigate interviews and difficult questions within them increasing your chances of success exponentially.

We suggest companies you may not have heard of. Sure it's great to work at top companies but there's plenty of smaller companies out there that could be a better fit for you. We help you find them.

Ultimately, even for the students who decide not to become fellows, we do our best to encourage and guide them in the right direction. You can definitely accomplish a lot on your own, but we are there to help if you believe we're worth it.


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