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Instead of a training bootcamp, we provide career mentorship and sales interview prep


Meet Your Career Mentor

Your career mentor will be your main point of contact throughout Pathrise, extensively trained and equipped with research into industry recruiting and hiring.

Sales Job Search Fundamentals

In addition to your career mentor, you will also work with a variety of industry mentors who are experienced salespeople at top tech companies.

week 1

Optimize Your Resume and Online Profiles

In addition to your career mentor, you will also be able to work with a variety of industry mentors who are experienced salespeople at top tech companies.

Scaling Yourself

Learn how to effectively talk about your previous roles and build a sales narrative that highlights how you've scaled yourself. This workshop will be full of helpful resume tips and strategies to conceptualize your experience specifically for the tech industry.

week 2

Opportunity Sourcing

Pathrise will help you source opportunities and network effectively by breaking down tactics that have been tested for hundreds of fellows before.

Developing Your Elevator Pitch

According to Forbes, 33% of hiring managers know whether or not they’ll hire you in the first 90 seconds of the interview. In this session, we prepare for the first question of every interview by crafting your elevator pitch using the job description of your desired role as the focal point.

week 3-5

Interviewing Fundamentals

Through our behavioral matrix, we'll teach you how to nail your elevator pitch and draft answers to questions we predict with data.

Crafting Your Personal Pitch Deck

In the job search process, YOU are the product that you need to sell. Learn how to create a powerful tool that goes above and beyond what other candidates are doing in their interviews.

week 6-7

Intensive Interview Prep

Experience rigorous mock interview sessions as well as utilize weekly reflections with your mentor to improve after your real interviews.

Anatomy of Sales Interview Questions

Selling a product or service is second nature for most salespeople. But closing the deal on a job interview? Not so much. We’ll show you what interviewers are looking for in commonly asked sales interview questions and teach you the components required to answer effectively.

week 8

Salary Negotiation and Lifetime Network

For each offer you get, your mentor will help you negotiate for more money and better benefits and leverage our growing network of fellows.

Mock Pitch Frameworks & Practice

You’ve made it past a few rounds of nerve-racking interviews and now it’s time to face the scariest part of the process: the mock pitch. Without the right preparation, the most seasoned sales veteran can still fumble at this stage of the process. We’ll teach you the frameworks needed to show off your skills and impress any interviewer.


Unlimited Weekly 1-on-1's and More Until You Succeed

After the first 8 weeks, the program continues. We continue to host additional workshops and support you with weekly 1-on-1's until you land a job that you're satisfied with. We don't think about Pathrise like a course that's done after you take it - we only consider ourselves successful when you have a signed offer in hand!

Sales Mentor Spotlight

Rob is a 3x Head of Sales, who has scaled early and late stage startups in Silicon Valley. He currently leads Sales & Strategy at A.I. Insurance, a company looking to help modernize insurance organizations. Before that, he built the west coast office for Drift, a leading marketing technology company.

Rob is passionate about developing talent, and has maintained his relationship as a mentor to many of the people he's hired over the years.
Rob Perez

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There is no upfront cost required to enroll in Pathrise; we only get paid when you do. The program is based on an income share agreement. The way it works is only after you get hired, you pay back a small percentage of your income for a limited time as you earn it. As part of the agreement, you don't pay anything, even from your current job or income, until you get paid from your new job first.

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The first two weeks you can cancel your income share at any point in time with no strings attached.


If you aren't placed within 12 months, then you can waive your income share and pay nothing.

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