Pathrise - A career accelerator that's 100% free until you're hired
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Pathrise invests in a small number of ambitious university students or recent graduates by coaching them to get a competitive internship or job. The program is completely free upfront. In exchange, Pathrise fellows agree to pay back a share of their first year's salary if and only if they get hired.

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For Technology

We cracked the code for Engineering, Product Management, Data Science or Design. Go on to work at places like Facebook, Apple and Dropbox.

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For Business

We teach essential skills for Marketing, Sales, Finance or Strategy. Go on to work at companies like LinkedIn, Deloitte and Salesforce.



Proven to get you hired and make you more money


alumni fellows


above industry average compensation


free until you start work


A general overview of our core modules and schedule


Don't pay for anything until you get paid first


$0 upfront + 7% of salary for 1 year*

Pay us if and only if you land a position with our help

You are free to withdraw in the first 2 weeks at no cost

We cover the cost of all course materials for you ($500+)

Pays for itself in significantly increased comp ($12,000+)

If we don't get you a position in time, you pay nothing


Our advisors come from industry leading companies

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From household names to emerging startups, our total network includes 200+ companies.


You probably have some questions — we have answers

Is Pathrise really worth 7% of my salary for a year?

We understand that 7% is a big commitment, but we have to emphasize that every fellow that participates in Pathrise improves their job seeking prospects by astronomically more than just 7%. Beyond just getting you better opportunities with higher salaries, our negotiation advice alone can account for a salary increase of over 10%. Every single part of our program, from teaching you how to do outreach that will 4X your response rate (5% to 20%) to interview preparation that improves your coding test scores by at least 50%, is designed to statistically improve your odds way more than what you commit in return.

How much of a time commitment is the accelerator?

Though the specific timing varies for each individual, you can expect the Pathrise program to take 10 hours a week until you get hired (including your actual interviews). Most of our fellows apply for positions, interview, hear back and sign a final offer within 2 to 3 months, but we are willing to support you for as long as you need to get hired, as long as you are still committed. We expect our fellows to be consistently committed to the program, but are happy to be flexible during hectic times, like before a big exam or project deadline.

Can I focus more on the modules that are the most helpful to me?

Of course! The Pathrise program is completely personalized to your unique situation. Because our fellows have ranged from undergrads looking for a summer internship to PhDs looking to enter a specific industry, we heavily modify the curriculum to suit individual circumstances. We never give you busywork. Instead, we invest that saved time into helping you with the other parts of the job seeking process you could use more help with.

Got more questions? Read our FAQ or contact us here.


We've helped all types of students launch their careers

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Ricky Liang


“I was already in the process with a few companies before joining Pathrise, so I needed help fast. It's crazy how much you guys taught me in even just the first few weeks. I'm super thankful for the extra sessions you guys went out of your way to schedule for me at such short notice.”

Profile picture of Pathrise alumnus

Elise Xu


“Pathrise made all the difference. I could tell that my mentor, Kevin, invested an enormous amount of time and effort into helping me succeed. When you guys say you do everything in your power to get us hired, you really mean it.”

Profile picture of Pathrise alumnus

Austin Chen


“When I was in Pathrise, the interview prep section was the biggest highlight. I didn't realize all the mistakes I was making, but after we fixed them, I felt like a rockstar!”

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Kimberly Lo


“I was nervous that my past projects weren't good enough or that I wasn't describing them right. My mentor's help with my behavioral matrix helped me find a level of depth in the stuff I've worked on that surprised even me! Along the way, it was just a huge confidence booster to work with someone who really believed in me and what I was capable of.”