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Scholarships make Pathrise even more accessible

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Our scholarships were created to bring more people into the Pathrise program who are looking to learn from experts, find a great job, and close the pay gap. Through our workshops and 1-on-1 sessions, we continue to help hundreds of people find fulfilling work at companies that support their growth.

Women in Tech Scholarship

At Pathrise, we are working to close the gender gap in tech by empowering more women on their search for the best possible job. Our program teaches lifelong skills and our negotiation tactics regularly increase our fellows’ salaries by 10-20%, helping to close the wage gap as well. This scholarship is open to any individuals who self-identify as women.

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Diversify Tech Scholarship

Diversify tech scholarship

When we diversify our organizations, we open up the room to new voices and companies change for the better. Our Diversify Tech scholarship helps make the Pathrise program more inclusive to people from underrepresented groups within tech who are looking to optimize their job search and find a great job. This scholarship is open to any individuals who self-identify as Black, Latinx, Pacific Islander, and Native American.

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LGBTQ+ in Tech Scholarship

Finding a job where you can be your most true self is essential to doing your best work, but for so many LGBTQ+ people, it is more difficult to find roles in companies that are supportive and inclusive. At Pathrise, we will teach you how to search for jobs that are right for you and guide you through the process so that you end up somewhere that you love. This scholarship is open to any individuals who self-identify as members of the LGBTQ+ community, including genderqueer, non-binary, and transgender individuals.

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Scholarship Details

Recipient Criteria

Scholarship recipients will be chosen based on needs and merit. Each scholarship category above will be evaluated separately. All applicants are considered for these scholarships and eligible upon application. Scholarship recipients are decided on at the end of the admissions process per cohort.

Financial Coverage

There is no upfront cost required to enroll in Pathrise; we only get paid when you do. Pathrise scholarship recipients receive a 33% reduction on the standard income share agreement, which is a 6% income share of their annualized salary. Alternatively, scholarship recipients may instead choose to pay a 50% reduced upfront tuition. On a needs-based basis, further financial coverage is possible.

Extended Timeline

While typically the Pathrise income share agreement is paid out over half a year, as a part of this scholarship, recipients may instead pay their income share agreement over double that time throughout a full year at no penalty. We hope this more lenient timeline will allow for recipients to balance their income share with existing financial commitments.

For any additional questions about our scholarship system, please ask your admissions manager.