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Designed for your path

We specialize Pathrise industry tracks based on your needs

Free until you get hired

Don't pay anything until you've already landed a position at a top technology company.

1-on-1 with a personal mentor

Focus on what you need help with in order to land your dream job. We’re in your corner.

Online and flexible

No need to uproot your life to change it. Schedule sessions that fit into your busy life.

Guaranteed placement

With Pathrise, ensure that you'll be able to start building real world experience fast.

Program for the job search

Instead of a training bootcamp, we provide career mentorship and marketing interview prep

Marketing Mentor Spotlight

Pathrise Mentor Polina Zabarko

Polina has been a Digital Marketing Manager for the past 11 years and has worked roles in both in-house and agency settings. This has included a senior role at Publicis Sapient as well as a variety of other companies ranging across various industries. Her experience ranges across many topics such as paid search, paid social, social media management, search engine optimization and content marketing. She is also an experienced conference speaker and educator.

Polina Zabarko


Don't pay until you get paid

out of pocket

There is no upfront cost required to enroll in Pathrise; we only get paid when you do. The program is based on an income share agreement. The way it works is only after you get hired, you pay back a small percentage of your income for a limited time as you earn it. As part of the agreement, you don't pay anything, even from your current job or income, until you get paid from your new job first.



The first two weeks of Pathrise are completely free with no income share agreement required.



If you aren't placed within 12 months, then you can waive your income share and pay nothing.

Take the next step

If you're a marketer, you should sign up for Pathrise if...

You are tired of sending applications into online portal black holes and want to work with technical recruiters to teach you how to beat the system.

You’d like a deeper understanding of marketing tools and guidance on topics ranging from paid search to automation and optimization.

You would benefit from 1-on-1 behavioral interview preparation to present yourself as a well-rounded and effective communicator.

You want to have insider knowledge on compensation data and negotiation policies for marketers to make sure you're compensated well.