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After years of offering career advice to tech professionals, we realized how hard it was to advance in your career alone. Career services today just aren't effective, especially compared to the cost of our education and the effort we invest in our work. We decided to change that — so we started Pathrise.

Mission-driven founders

Extensive experience in building products for careers and education

Kevin Wu

Before founding Pathrise, Kevin had already spent several years building products for job seekers and students, including creating a study app used by tens of thousands of students across multiple universities and directing an award-winning nonprofit that helps students gain experience through real-world projects. Before discovering his passion for career development for tech professionals, Kevin worked at industry-leading tech companies, most notably in Product at Yelp and Engineering at Salesforce.

Derrick Mar

Before tackling the challenge of building the technical infrastructure of Pathrise, Derrick was a software engineer at Facebook, where he was one of the founding engineers of the team responsible for the first ever 3D Facebook posts. Before that, Derrick explored the intersection of AI and education, founding AI Grading, a platform that optimizes the grading and analysis of student practice exams in the test prep industry, and also working as one of the earliest software engineers at Gradescope.

Other mentors consist of a select group of full-time and part-time industry leaders. Learn about them here.

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