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Pathrise fellow Vivian smiling

I had no idea where to start with my job search, despite being a really driven person. I felt really disconnected and demotivated but my mentor brought everything back into perspective. They gave me confidence to light that fire inside of me again.

I’m eternally grateful for the support and encouragement that Pathrise has given me! One dream down, many more to come.

Vivian Chung


Fellow Spotlight

Pathrise fellow Connor smiling

I knew I needed a group of people to talk to and get feedback from. I thought I would have to pay someone for every hour that they spend with me - which would’ve just felt like a pain, and so I was looking for a program with expertise, that was remote, and with nothing paid upfront.

I wanted a support system and Pathrise was everything I could have asked for. My mentors helped me accomplish what would have taken me 3 years alone in less than 3 months.

Conor Livingston


Pathrise fellow Connor smiling

Fellow Spotlight

Pathrise fellow Chloe outside

I would ask myself how I know if anything is working. I would apply to job portals and not know what happened afterwards. Everything was in the dark.

I quickly realized career fairs and other events weren't going to make me stand out very much, and was frustrated with how unproductive my job search was.

My mentors gave me not only advice on how to improve, but also honest feedback where they were unafraid to tell me what I was doing wrong and how I could improve. Once I realized how upfront and direct they would be, I knew I had made the right choice.

Chloe Agape


Fellow Spotlight

Pathrise fellow Kajol smiling

My mentor and I had personalized sessions and plans that we came up with together before each interview. He truly went above and beyond, teaching me everything from how to best convey my work to any technical concepts I needed.

All the 1-on-1 help from my mentor really helped me figure out how to think about a problem and communicate with employers during and in between interviews.

Kajol Patel


Pathrise fellow Kajol smiling

Fellow Spotlight

Pathrise fellow Yu Wang selfie

I had applied to hundreds of jobs online, and heard back less than ten times. At that point, I was ready to settle with an offer I wasn't happy with.

However, I joined Pathrise and found new hope. Any time I had a question, even the smallest question I had about an interaction with a recruiter, I would discuss everything with my mentor. After all the constant support, I landed two big offers I could never have even dreamed about before.

Yu Wang