Application Process

Applying to Pathrise is transparent and fast. We've done everything we can to create a fair and effective system that helps you in your job search even as you're going through it.

About Applying

Fast and minimal

We use the application process to determine your baseline so we can figure out how to get you to your end goal as fast as possible. Response times are usually within 24 hours.

Direct feedback

We know that job search processes are extremely frustrating because of how rare direct feedback is. We give you the advice you’ve been missing as transparently as possible.

Apply again whenever

We encourage everyone we can’t accept into the program to move forward with feedback and reach back out at a later date once they’ve made some progress developing their skill set.

Our Process

1-2-3 step process that is fast, transparent, and accessible

Introduction survey (15 min)

In this survey, we can learn more about your goals and experiences to determine how we can help.

Industry assessment (30-45 min)

The goal of this step is to get a better sense of your technical skills so that we can begin to personalize the program for you.

Enrollment call (30 min)

This is the end of the process - as simple as that! This call is an opportunity to learn more about enrollment details and ask questions.

2 week trial and agreements

Begin attending workshops and 1-on-1's with your mentor risk free. If Pathrise isn’t a fit, withdraw at no cost.

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