What is an IBR/ISL?

An IBR (income-based repayment loan) or ISL (income-share loan) are both income-based repayment options. We offer income-based repayment agreements as an alternative to upfront program payments in order to make Pathrise accessible and align incentives.

Don’t start paying until you get paid

out of pocket

There is no upfront payment required to enroll in Pathrise. After taking out the initial loan amount, you’re enrolled in Pathrise and you won’t make payments until you get paid from your new job. Once hired, you start paying back a small percentage of your income towards your loan, for a limited time, as you earn it.

Upon starting our 2 week free trial, we will pre-qualify you for financing to help find the best repayment option for you.   

By the numbers


Amount owed if you don’t receive an offer that qualifies as placement before your anticipated Pathrise end-date.


After placement, contribute a percentage of your salary towards your loan until you hit your payment cap.


The payment cap does not grow over time and has no interest rates, so there is no rush to pay. 

Your income-based repayment percentage varies based on the program (Basic, Essentials, Pro) that you select to meet your unique job search needs. 

The first two weeks are free, and you can withdraw at any point in time with no strings attached. See what our program has to offer before making a commitment.


If you don’t receive a qualifying offer before your Pathrise end-date, your loan is paid off with the servicer and your contract is canceled.

More about Income-Based Repayments

For mission-driven institutions

Income based-repayment loan agreements are used by top universities, bootcamps and employers to provide outcomes-based funding.

Pathrise makes it better

Pathrise adds a payment cap, minimum qualifying income, a free trial and a placement guarantee to help put our fellows first.