Pathrise - About Income Shares

Don't pay until you get paid

out of pocket

There is no upfront cost required to enroll in Pathrise; we only get paid when you do. The program is based on an income share agreement. The way it works is only after you get hired, you pay back a small percentage of your income for a limited time as you earn it. As part of the agreement, you don't pay anything, even from your current job or income, until you get paid from your new job first.

By the numbers


Pay nothing upfront, pay no interest and pay nothing if you don't get placed.


Only after getting placed, contribute back 9% of your annualized salary.

6 months

You can pay gradually over your first 6 months only after you get paid first.



The first two weeks of Pathrise are completely free with no income share agreement required.



If you aren't placed within 12 months, then you can waive your income share and pay nothing.

More about ISAs

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For mission-driven institutions

Income share agreements are used by organizations from top universities like Purdue University to other mission-driven startups like Lambda School.

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Sponsored by US Senators

Senate lawmakers have introduced legislation to spur the growth of income share agreements to align incentives and reduce debt.

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Pathrise makes it better

While other income shares may last longer, the Pathrise income share is only for 6 months and has a 12 month placement guarantee.