Photo of a review of InternStreet as a tech bootcamp

A review of InternStreet as a tech bootcamp

Updated in 2023

What does InternStreet do?

InternStreet is an online tech bootcamp with tracks in web development, design, and marketing. For development, they offer 3 options: web design, front-end development, and Python web development. Under the design umbrella, UX design is currently the only option, though the UI design track is coming soon. Those interested in marketing can choose between digital marketing and growth marketing. 

Students participate in a project-based curriculum that uses videos, quizzes, challenges, daily Q&A sessions, and more. In addition, mentors connect with their students 1-on-1 through weekly Skype/Google Hangout sessions. They provide feedback on assignments, projects, and the job search. At the end of each course, students work closely with mentors to build their portfolios and resumes. For additional support, students can reach out to their peers on the course Slack channel. 

While each unit is intended to be completed in 1 week, students can take additional time, if necessary. However, InternStreet encourages people to stay on track. Students should expect to work about 10-15 hours per week. 

Who is InternStreet for?

The InternStreet program is targeted at university students who currently have no work experience but are looking to learn the necessary skills to land a role in web development, UX design, or marketing.

What does InternStreet cost? How much work is involved?

Students who enroll in a development or design course pay $149 per month. The digital marketing and growth marketing tracks cost $449 and $399 respectively and include 10 weeks of support. 

To apply, students fill out a brief application. Then, they participate in an informational call with an enrollment counselor to determine which program is the best fit. After the call, prospective students register, make their initial payment by credit card, and begin the course. 

Ratings and reviews

While there are not too many recent ones, reviews of InternStreet are generally positive. While one reviewer on Quora enjoyed the 1-on-1 mentorship, they noted that InternStreet doesn’t “create their own content. They just curate the content from around the web. You will be learning by watching Youtube videos, blog posts, articles, and other tutorials.”

One grad who also benefited from the 1-on-1 mentorship said that he used Skype sessions to discuss career-related questions, such as “How can I get an internship in Google? What does it take to be a senior developer? and How can I utilize school breaks?”

Another grad, this one from the digital marketing program, felt like he learned a lot from his mentor. He suggested that students should enroll “if you already have some kind of idea to implement digital marketing,” like marketing for a startup. Reviews on SwitchUp similarly praised the mentorship.

However, we wanted to note that all of the reviews occur over a 4-week period in 2017. So, they might not account for any recent changes in InternStreet’s quality, curriculum, and course offerings.

Alternatives to InternStreet

If you decide not to enroll in InternStreet, you might consider one of the alternatives listed below:

  • One of the most well known bootcamps is General Assembly. They offer full-time, part-time, and 1-day courses on a variety of topics like software engineering, data science, UX design, digital marketing, product management, and more. Read more about General Assembly in our review.
  • Students interested in taking online self-guided or instructor-led product design courses can check out DesignerUp. Learn more about DesignerUp in our review.
  • Aspiring designers can also consider Designlab, an online bootcamp that teaches the necessary skills to land a job as a UX designer. Read more about Designlab in our review.
  • Students can also consider Kenzie Academy, a full-time tech bootcamp that offers in-person and online courses in 2 tracks: software engineering & UX design and front-end engineering. Learn more about Kenzie Academy in our review.
  • With offerings in design, coding, and more, Noble Desktop, BrainStation, V School, CareerFoundry, allWomen Academy, GW Bootcamps, and Flatiron School have online and in-person options.
  • Or, they can look at Bloc, University of Arizona Bootcamps, and Big Nerd Ranch. All cover web dev and design, but UofA has data too.
  • Similarly, Codecademy is one of the most popular coding programs online. They provide free courses on many different programming languages. They also offer membership options ranging from $20 to $40 per month for more course options and greater support. Learn more about Codecademy in our review.
  • Another online option is Lambda School, which offers 9-month bootcamps in user design, software engineering, and more. 
  • Similarly, Skillcrush is an online bootcamp with self-paced options in UX design, web development, and digital marketing. 
More alternatives

How does InternStreet compare to Pathrise?

InternStreet is an online bootcamp, with courses for people who are looking to develop the necessary skills to land a job as a web developer, UX designer, or growth/digital marketer. Students have access to mentors who work 1-on-1 with them on the course material. However, InternStreet does not provide mentorship on the job search and the mentor relationship does not continue after the course ends.

At Pathrise, our mentors help job-seekers with every component of the process, including resume and LinkedIn optimization, portfolio building, technical and behavioral interview prep, salary negotiation, and more. Our program is flexible, requiring only 2-4 hours of sessions per week and weekly 1-on-1s as well as additional sessions that can be scheduled as needed.

Pathrise is a career accelerator that works with students and professionals 1-on-1 so they can land their dream job in tech. If you are interested in working with our mentors on any aspect of the job search, join Pathrise.

Apply today.

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