Is Pathrise worth it? 2021 update

Is Pathrise worth it? Check out our article to see for yourself.

Updated in 2021

Pathrise has one goal: to help people find the best possible job. Through 1-on-1 and group sessions, job-seekers are mentored through each step of the job search, starting with their resumes and online profiles, moving through application optimization, interview prep, and ending with negotiation.

We wanted to provide information on Pathrise as a program and our results so you can get a good sense of what we do and how we can help.

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What is Pathrise?

Pathrise is an online program for job-seekers in tech. Through an 8-week core program, frequent 1-on-1 sessions, technical workshops, and ad hoc sessions, we teach lifelong skills to optimize your job search and land the best possible job. The program continues until you are hired and you don’t pay anything until you start working at a job you love.

Fellows are paired with career mentors who works with them on a personalized plan to optimize their resume, write compelling cold emails, gain confidence in their behavioral interviews, and much more. Our career mentors are former technical recruiters at top companies like Google & GitHub as well as former leaders in university career services at universities like Stanford and University of Chicago. 

They also work 1-on-1 and in workshops with industry mentors who teach them valuable skills for technical interviewing, online assessments, case studies, and more. Pathrise industry mentors were formerly senior team members at top tech companies like Facebook, Salesforce, Apple, and more.

Who is Pathrise for?

If you are looking for evidence-based guidance on your job search, Pathrise is for you. The program works best for job-seekers who are tired of searching on their own and ready to have a mentor with years of experience on both sides of the hiring table in their back corner. But, if you have a growth mindset, demonstrated drive, and motivation to find the best possible job, Pathrise is a good fit.

Currently, Pathrise offers 6 tracks for job-seekers looking for positions in these fields:

  • Software engineering
  • Product design
  • Data science
  • Product, strategy, and operations
  • Marketing
  • Sales

So, does Pathrise actually work? Is Pathrise legitimate?

The short answer is – yes, to both. And our results speak for themselves:

  • We have helped over 1,000 people land great jobs in the past 2 years.
  • While in the program, job-seekers find 5-15 quality opportunities per week.
  • With our optimizations of the application stage, people get a 2-4x increase in responses.
  • When interviewing, candidates see 1.5-3x increase in performance.
  • With guidance from their mentors, people get a 10-20% lift (average of $10k-$20k) in salary from negotiation alone.

On average, fellows in Pathrise find a job within 3-5 months, compared to 9 months on average on your own. One month of unemployment is $8,333.33 in lost income for someone who would make a $100k salary, so finding a job quickly not only saves you energy but also money.

Is Pathrise worth it?

With 1,000+ placements, we know the answer is yes. But, read some of our success stories below for more information:

“I felt really disconnected and demotivated but my mentor brought everything back into perspective. They gave me confidence to light that fire inside of me again.

I’m eternally grateful for the support and encouragement that Pathrise has given me! One dream down, many more to come.”

Vivian Chung, Product designer at StreamLabs

“I wanted a support system and Pathrise was everything I could have asked for. My mentors helped me accomplish what would have taken me 3 years alone in less than 3 months.”

Conor Livingston, Software engineer at Google

You can also check out this Pathrise review, from a fellow who tripled their salary, and this review of Pathrise who says, “Pathrise was everything I wanted and more.”

Pathrise is a career accelerator that works with students and professionals 1-on-1 so they can land their dream job in tech. If you want to work with any of our mentors to get help with your job search, join Pathrise. 

Apply today.

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