Photo of 10 companies hiring during Coronavirus

10 companies hiring during Coronavirus

Looking for a job can be a long and frustrating process in times of prosperity. Right now, with the uncertainty caused by the Coronavirus outbreak, your job search might feel like an unscalable mountain. But, whether you have been looking for a while or you recently were laid off, we are here to tell you that you can still find a job.

Through inside information and external research, we’ve compiled a list of companies hiring despite COVID-19 as of March 25th, 2020. We also added some tips that will help you move forward in the application and interviews. As a note, while these companies have not currently frozen hiring, most processes will be slower than expected. Just be patient and continue to be polite and friendly throughout.

1. Instacart

With more and more people following the social distancing rules, trips to the grocery store are becoming less common so for Instacart, business is booming. They are hiring 300k more people for a variety of roles to keep up with this new demand. While a lot of those roles are shoppers, there are still plenty of openings in software engineering, operations, product management, marketing, design, and data science. Learn more about how to get a job at Instacart and check out all of their openings.

2. Peloton

Gyms are closed and people are staying home in record numbers. Therefore, sales, software, and ops needs for at-home workout experiences like Peloton are increasing. They have openings on many of their teams. As a company, they are constantly evolving their product, which creates an exciting work environment for their employees. Learn more about their processes and culture on our guide to getting a job at Peloton. Then, see their open positions on their careers page.

3. Affirm

Fintech companies are also able to continue providing opportunities to people in this time of uncertainty. Affirm acts as a financial lender of installment loans for customers at the point of purchase. As the economy declines, mission-driven fintech companies like Affirm can help people when they need it. They are currently hiring on the following teams: ops, data science, product design, user experience, marketing, and software engineering (with a lot of open roles). Learn more about how to get a job at Affirm, including information about their mission and processes, and then check out their open positions.

4. Postmates

People are staying home. That means delivery food is growing in demand, so the teams at Postmates, a delivery service for meals and groceries, are growing too. They have openings in analytics, engineering, growth, ops, and machine learning. Get the inside scoop in our guide to getting a job at Postmates. Then, see the openings on their careers page.

5. Amazon

Continuing the trend of social distancing, Amazon has become the number one source for people to buy everything they need. While they are looking to greatly increase the number of employees in fulfillment centers and making deliveries, they are also hiring for their internal teams. They have over 280 data science roles, 540 design roles, 2,300 ops roles, 1,000 marketing roles, and 11,000 software development roles for which they are actively hiring. Learn more about their leadership principles and culture so you can get a job at Amazon. Then, review all of their open positions on their website.

6. Cisco

Cisco develops, manufactures and sells networking hardware, software, telecommunications equipment, and other high-technology services and products. With more and more companies moving to remote work in order to follow the shelter-in-place and social distancing orders, demand for these services is increasing, so Cisco is continuing to hire at scale. They have many openings on their engineering and marketing teams. Learn about the company in our guide to getting a job at Cisco and check out their openings here.

7. Apple

As we move into a new reality where we rely more on technology to communicate with coworkers, friends, and loved ones, Apple is continuing to hire to meet demand. They are hiring on a number of teams, including design, machine learning & AI, software and hardware engineering, ops, and marketing. Prepare for your interviews by learning about their mission and values using our guide to landing a job at Apple. Then, find your perfect role on their jobs page

8. Google

We have spoken to recruiters at Google who let us know that they are still hiring. But, due to the company-wide work from home policy during the social distancing ordinances, candidates should expect longer funnel timelines than usual. Job-seekers with the right skills should still get the process started by applying to one of their many open positions on a variety of teams like engineering, design, and marketing. Learn how to get a job at Google with our insider tips and check out their openings here.

9. Accenture

As a consulting firm, Accenture has many different types of clients, and they are constantly expanding their ventures. Despite the current economic downturn, they are continuing to post and hire for positions. Specifically on their software engineering teams, they have a lot of very recent openings for which candidates should consider applying. They are also hiring on marketing, design, analytics, and ops teams. Check out our guide to getting a job at Accenture and see their latest open positions on their website. 

10. Intuit

Intuit uses technology and AI to solve financial challenges. They are the makers of TurboTax, Quickbooks, and Mint, which are products that help individuals and small businesses alike. During this period of uncertainty, these Intuit products and services will be extremely beneficial and the teams are growing so they can meet demand. Currently, they have almost 200 software engineering openings and a fair amount of data, marketing, and design open roles as well. Learn more about their mission and values so you can get a job at Intuit and see the new positions on their jobs page.

With this list of companies hiring during Coronavirus, you should be able to narrow down your search and find a great job faster.

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