Photo of a review of Facebook Blueprint as a digital marketing resource

A review of Facebook Blueprint as a digital marketing resource

Hi, I’m Polina! Formerly, I worked as a senior digital marketing manager and now I am the marketing mentor at Pathrise. I help job-seekers prepare for their future in digital marketing through workshops and 1-on-1 sessions. Check out my review of Facebook Blueprint.

What does Facebook Blueprint do?

Facebook Blueprint is a free online resource that teaches people how to use Facebook for digital marketing. They provide advertising tips and case studies from actual businesses so that people can develop marketing strategies using Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, and other tools. People can choose from courses that teach a wide range of digital marketing skills. Some of the options include telling brand stories on Instagram, using Facebook Messenger to turn conversations into customers, managing your company’s WhatsApp account, and creating ads on Facebook.

Courses take anywhere from 5-30 minutes to complete. They include short videos, readings, and step-by-step instructions for implementing a specific marketing strategy. In addition, students can keep track of their progress and save courses for later. Digital marketers with advanced knowledge in Facebook marketing strategies can pay a fee to take a Facebook Blueprint Certification exam. Then, after passing an exam, people earn a shareable certificate, which they can add to their LinkedIn profile. 

Photo of Facebook Blueprint as a digital marketing resource

Who is Facebook Blueprint for?

People who are new to digital marketing or are looking to keep themselves up-to-date on the latest trends can benefit from Facebook Blueprint. Plus, the program is a good option for solo entrepreneurs as well as marketers at small businesses and startups.

What does Facebook Blueprint cost? How much work is involved?

Facebook Blueprint is free. You must have or create a Facebook account (personal or business) in order to access the program. However, the certification exams cost up to $150. 

Ratings and reviews

While Facebook Blueprint courses received favorable online reviews, many people questioned the value of the Facebook Blueprint Certification exams.

Digital Defynd included the program in their list of 10 best free courses for Facebook ads. According to one Reddit user, “the courses themselves are worth taking. I took some as refreshers and some to learn new things and I would say I got a lot of valuable info.” 

Similarly, TrustRadius reviewers praised the courses for their in-depth case studies, though some were disappointed with the program’s user experience. While one reviewer said that “Facebook for Business is a must-use tool for anyone looking to grow their clientele” or for “anyone looking to target specific clients,” others described the UX as “somewhat challenging” and the display as “cluttered.”

Likewise, many Reddit users had mixed feelings about whether or not people should take the certification exams. Some users advised against pursuing the certificate. One user noted, “Google Analytics and Google Ads certifications will get you much further.” However, one Reddit reviewer pointed out, “I’ve seen two agency jobs that required it. They wouldn’t pay for it. Wanted you to have it already. It’s good training, but most won’t care if you’ve done it.” 

Another Reddit user, who benefited from the Facebook Blueprint Certification exam, advised future test takers to prepare carefully for exam day: “When you take the exam you’ll have to download a program that takes over your computer and your webcam must be on at all times so the online proctors can see you. When you register for the exam Facebook will send you a list of instructions on how to prep your test environment, read it.” 

Alternatives to Facebook Blueprint  

If you decide not to use Facebook Blueprint, there are a fair number of alternative bootcamps and online resources that teach digital marketing.

  • Like Facebook for Business, Skillshare, SEMrush Academy, Copyblogger, and HubSpot Academy offer a variety of free digital marketing courses in similar topics. 
  • If you are interested in taking online classes through a learning platform, check out Springboard or Udacity. Both offer courses in marketing and a variety of other topics. Discover how Springboard and Udacity can help you advance your current tech skills in our program reviews. 
  • edX is one of the largest online learning platforms. They have courses from top universities like Harvard and MIT as well as big tech companies like Microsoft. Learn more about edX in our review.
  • Similarly, Coursera, Simplilearn, and Pluralsight are online learning platforms. They have courses for furthering your knowledge in digital marketing, data science, and other topics. 
More alternatives

How does Facebook Blueprint compare to Pathrise?

Facebook Blueprint is an online resource for aspiring and current digital marketers who are looking to learn new tools and advance their current knowledge on specific topics, such as creating effective Facebook ads. They teach technical skills that can be helpful for resume building and interviews. But, they do not offer job search guidance or mentorship of any kind.

Pathrise is a full service organization that helps fellows with every component of the job search. Our mentors have years of experience on both sides of the hiring table. Fellows participate in workshops and 1-on-1 sessions that focus on resume and LinkedIn optimization, portfolio building, technical and behavioral interviewing, and more. 

Furthering technical skills is a key aspect of landing a job as a digital marketer. So, Pathrise fellows can use Facebook Blueprint, alongside our technical workshops, to deepen their marketing knowledge. 

Pathrise is a career accelerator that works with students and professionals 1-on-1 so they can land their dream job in tech. If you are interested in optimizing your job search by working with a mentor, become a Pathrise fellow. 

Apply today.

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