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Our mentors come from industry-leading companies.

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Pathrise is about more than just getting you hired. Our 1-on-1 mentoring, training, and advice help you get placed in the highest-paying, most fulfilling position you're qualified for. Plus, our success is built on yours. Only pay if you get the job and start working.

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Damola Omotosho

Industry Mentor

Company: Microsoft

Cassandra Green

Mindset Coach

Company: CoachCrate

Shane Ray Martin

Negotiation Consultant

Company: Apple, Microsoft, and more

Danielle Dayries

Carrer Mentor

Company: Keynote speaker & published author

Maria Pentkovski

Product Design Mentor

Company: Turo

Brian Wong

Software Engineering Mentor

Company: Zazzle

Our network consists of both part-time and full-time mentors. See some of their profiles here.

Our fellows


We've helped all types of professionals advance in their careers

Conor Livingston
Software Engineer

I wanted a support system and Pathrise was everything I could have asked for. My mentors helped me accomplish what would have taken me 3 years alone in less than 3 months.

Yu Wang
Research and Machine Learning

Before Pathrise, I had applied to hundreds of companies online and almost never heard back. I joined Pathrise and landed two amazing offers I wouldn't have dreamed of on my own.

Zach Schwab
Senior Consultant

If it wasn't for my amazing mentors, I would have never been able to get the salary I am at now in consulting.

We've worked with several thousand fellows and counting. Read their storieshere.

We've helped 2,250+ fellows of all sorts of backgrounds land great jobs


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Your program and strategy is specialized to what you're interested in

Software Engineering

Navigate the hiring process for different technology stacks, while learning how to approach technical interviews with data structures & algorithms.

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Product Design

Learn how to balance your job search with freelance work. At the same time polish your design thinking and research skills for your portfolio and more.

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Product Management

Map out a path to a top role by learning about product discovery, metrics, and more. Then learn how to communicate and think through case interviews.

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Receive advice from expert data scientists on how to tackle machine learning and statistics interviews. Leverage what you learn when you start your new career.

View Track

Optimize your job search to land a growth marketing role at a top tech company. Master key topics such as marketing analytics, paid media, SEO and more.

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Sales & Customer Success

Level-up your sales career or learn how to translate your experience to the tech industry by working with Director and VP-level sales leaders from top tech companies. 

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1-on-1's with top mentors

Our mentors come from industry leading companies

Our network consists of both part-time and full-time mentors. See some of their profileshere.

Most common questions

You probably have some questions — we have answers

When should I start Pathrise?

If you are currently interviewing or are looking to switch positions within the next 3-4 months, then we can help. If you are looking to switch positions a few months from now, you should start your job search now to set yourself up with the best possible opportunities.

How much does it cost?

There is no upfront cost required to enroll in Pathrise; we only get paid when you do. Only after you've been hired and start work, you pay back a small percentage of your income over a limited time. Fellows in Pathrise usually see a 2-4x increase in response rates, 1.5-3x increase in interview scores, and another 10-20% increase on top of any offer they get through negotiation, so Pathrise statistically pays for itself.

What is the time commitment?

At a minimum, we require a commitment of 10 hours a week dedicated to your job search until you get hired. This includes applications and interviews and the more time the better. On average, our fellows get placed within 4 months, but we will provide you weekly 1-on-1 support for as long as you need to get hired, as long as you remain committed.

Got more questions? Contact us or read our FAQhere.
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