10 companies hiring software engineers during Coronavirus

Updated in 2023

Check out this list of companies hiring software engineers during Coronavirus.

If you are in the middle of your job search or just starting out because of a layoff, it might feel overwhelming to listen to the news and read online about the current state of the job market because of COVID-19. Everyday we work with job-seekers on their search and we feel the frustration and fear that is circulating.

So, we compiled a list of 10 companies still hiring software engineers during the Coronavirus  as of April 2nd, 2020. We also wanted to provide some tips that will help you move forward in the application and interviews. As a note, while these companies have not currently frozen hiring, most processes will be slower than expected. Just be patient and continue to be polite and friendly throughout your interactions with the recruiter and teams.

1. Cloudflare

As the working world moves towards a more remote reality, protecting company assets and securing a safe Internet becomes even more important. Cloudflare is a tech company that secures and ensures the reliability of external-facing resources. They work with websites, APIs, and applications and protect internal resources like behind-the-firewall applications, teams, and devices. They are rapidly hiring for software engineers to meet the growing demand. Learn more about how to get a job at Cloudflare and check out all of their openings.

2. Asana

With the necessity of working from home comes the increase in use of project and task management software like Asana. More companies are relying on Asana to help them meet deadlines and continue to succeed during this unprecedented time. That means that they need more software engineers than before to help them keep up with new clients’ needs. Learn more about their processes and culture on our guide to getting a job at Asana. Then, see their open positions on their careers page.

3. GE Healthcare

In a crisis like this one, healthcare companies are scrambling to help as much as they can. GE Healthcare is no exception and, given their strong technology focus, they are a great fit for software engineers looking to land a new job quickly. They have just over 75 digital technology roles, most of them in software engineering. Review our guide to help you get a job at GE Healthcare and see their latest open positions on their website. 

4. Coursera

As more people find themselves furloughed or laid off, they are looking to fill their time and advance their skills. So, online learning platforms like Coursera are continuing to hire rapidly to create new content, develop new tools, and meet the increase in demand. They are a global company with offices that are hiring in many different places. Plus, they have a fair number of senior software engineer openings as well. Learn more about how to get a job at Coursera, including information about their mission and processes. Then, check out their open positions.

5. Epic Games

The company behind the popular game Fortnite, Epic Games is continuing to grow their teams in preparation for the additional time people are spending at home. They have 40+ engineering positions available now and they are adding more each day. Prepare for your interviews by learning about their mission and interview processes using our guide to landing a job at Epic Games and then find your perfect role on their jobs page

6. Databricks

Another cloud platform, Databricks is a collaborative tool for companies to work on their data analytics and massive scale data engineering. They are continuing to hire for a number of software engineering roles to meet the needs of new clients who are signing up to use their service as they move forward with remote-only work. Get the inside scoop in our guide to getting a job at Databricks. Then, see the openings on their careers page.

7. GitLab

Already a fully remote company, GitLab is basically conducting business as usual despite the current crisis. Their platform is a complete DevOps tool and they launch new features every month. They are hiring consistently to keep up with their current and new demand. Review their 25+ open software engineering roles. Practice interview questions and learn about their mission so you can get a job at GitLab. Then, see the new positions on their jobs page.

8. Discord

Discord is a platform that allows communities to chat using text, voice, or video. As people continue to social distance, apps like Discord that allow for easy communication will rise in popularity. Companies and individuals alike are signing up for Discord, giving them more opportunities to grow and improve. Learn more about their software engineering hiring processes in our guide to getting a job at Discord and review all of their open positions on their website.

9. DoorDash

The shelter-in-place orders have been detrimental for the restaurant businesses, causing many to quickly transition to delivery only. DoorDash is a startup based in San Francisco that works with local restaurants to deliver their foods. More and more people are ordering in as they stay home, so DoorDash is continuing to hire aggressively. Learn about the company in our guide to landing a job at DoorDash and check out their openings here.

10. Facebook

We have heard that Facebook executives announced in an internal Q&A that they will continue hiring, though they will make changes to their processes to account for remote interviews. They have 470 open engineering roles on their website and many of them are software engineer positions. They are known for asking about their values in interviews, so prepare by checking out our how to get a job at Facebook guide. Then, look at their openings here.

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