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A Review of GreenFig marketing and Sales Bootcamp

Hi, I’m Alex! I’ve been working in sales for innovative startups like SoftBank Robotics and large corporations like NBC Universal for years. Now, I work as an industry mentor at Pathrise. I help people land great sales jobs through workshops and 1-on-1 mentorship. Check out my review of Greenfig.

What does GreenFig do?

GreenFig is an online bootcamp that helps people launch a career in digital marketing or sales. The program partners with schools like UC Santa Cruz and Ohio State University to design their curriculum. Despite being remote, their courses feature lots of 1-on-1 instruction and peer collaboration. 

Students learn through recorded video lectures, live group sessions, quizzes, hands-on examples, mentoring sessions, and assessments. They receive certifications in popular marketing software and write a “playbook” guide with strategies to help a real-world company get more leads and revenue. Experienced mentors also coach students as they work in groups to build final “Apprentorship™” projects that simulate real corporate tasks.

Photo of Greenfig bootcamp

Their marketing course teaches students all the skills, strategies, and tools they need to become a digital marketer in 15 weeks. Students should expect 10-14 hours of work for the first 13 weeks. Then, they work about 8 hours per week for the final 2 weeks. First, students learn business basics like ROI, segmentation, and the sales funnel process. The next modules cover marketing strategy and tactics as students work with message mapping, buyer personas, and buyer journeys.

Students also develop content strategies as they improve SEO, utilize Adwords, master Google Analytics, study their funnel engagements, and develop paid social media ad campaigns on platforms like Facebook. The fourth phase of the curriculum is more technical, covering the martech stack as students work with Hubspot and Marketo. In addition to getting certifications in digital marketing platforms like Marketo, Google Analytics, and Hubspot, grads leave the program with full portfolios. The course culminates in a demo day where students can show off their final “Apprentorship™” projects to their cohort.


Students in the part-time 15-week sales operations bootcamp master the Salesforce Sales Cloud and create strategies for a real company. First, students learn the basics of sales operations as they work with data, forecasting, sales incentives, territory management, and annual planning. The curriculum then turns practical as students use the Salesforce development environment to build sales dashboards, reports, and CRM automation systems. Students also create sales strategies as they learn about compensation design, quota setting, and territory planning. The final phase of the curriculum focuses on job readiness as students show off their completed “Apprentorship™” projects, learn about different types of sales roles, and prepare for their job search. 

Who is GreenFig for?

People looking to break into digital marketing or sales with little to no experience could benefit from a GreenFig bootcamp. The program is especially helpful for people interested in a remote, part-time course with lots of mentoring and support. Students seeking a bootcamp that partners with universities could also be a good fit, especially if the student wants to break into a local job market where the university may be more recognizable.

What does GreenFig cost? How much work is involved?

Tuition for their programs may range based on the university partner, but their marketing course is generally about $2,995. The sales program typically costs about $1,500.

The bootcamp admissions process only consists of a single online application. No interview, challenge, or prior experience is required.

Ratings and reviews

As a new program only recently open to the general public, GreenFig does not have too many online reviews. However, they are listed among Course Report’s top online marketing bootcamps and were featured in Course Report’s August 2020 Coding Bootcamp News podcast. The program also holds a perfect 5 star rating on Facebook, where students described the bootcamp as “a great organization” that teaches today’s in-demand skills. Another student praised the community, impressed that she graduated with “so many many valuable connections.” The program also hosts positive testimonials on their own website.

Alternatives to GreenFig 

If you choose not to enroll in GreenFig, there are a number of alternative bootcamps and resources that can help you launch a career in digital marketing or tech sales.

  • The tech bootcamp Tradecraft offers courses in growth marketing, sales, and more. Their 12-week program is designed for people looking to land a job at a high-growth startup, with an emphasis on practical entry-level skills.
  • The popular bootcamp General Assembly teaches full-time, part-time, and 1-day courses on a variety of topics such as digital marketing. The program features 19,000+ hiring partners, mentoring, and a job placement rate above 91.4%. Read more about General Assembly in our review.
  • Similarly, BrainStation is a tech bootcamp that offers courses in digital marketing. Students build projects, develop their professional skills, and get access to thousands of hiring partners including Google, Facebook, and more.
  • The online bootcamp GrowthX Academy offers courses for people who are interested in digital marketing, business development, product management, and UX design. Similarly, Loyola University Digital Skills Bootcamp and Jelly Academy have marketing courses.
  • Another tech bootcamp with tracks in digital marketing is Noble Desktop. This instructor-led program has live classes and lots of opportunities for portfolio building with in-demand marketing tools, just like GreenFig.
  • Aspiring salespeople can look into Flockjay. Their 10-week program teaches people the skills they need to launch a career in B2B software sales. They offer a hands-on curriculum, lots of personalized support, and an income share agreement (ISA) so students don’t pay until they land a sales job. Learn more about Flockjay in our review.
More alternatives
  • People seeking a flexible sales course on a budget can check out Aspireship. Their free bootcamp helps people become account executives at SaaS companies. Like Greenfig, the program is remote and flexible.
  • The remote bootcamp Uvaro is remote and includes real client work. This 12-week bootcamp helps students launch a career in tech sales. Starting at week 4, students can join their internship program to put their new sales skills to use as they learn.
  • Another sales learning program where students get work experience is Vendition. They offer an “apprenticeship” program that finds students a tech sales job first then trains them for it, offsetting the cost of admission.
  • Similarly, the sales bootcamps Always Hired and SV Academy both pair students with companies so they don’t have to pay tuition. However, students can choose to pay tuition upfront if they prefer not to work for a partner company.
  • In the same vein, students at Fuel Sales Academy work while learning and actually get paid during the program.
  • Another remote program with some self-paced learning is Prehired. Their program helps people launch a career in software sales through live training, mentoring, and an active community. If grads don’t land a job after 12 months, they get a full refund.
  • Merit America is a nonprofit that teaches tech sales and software engineering to people without college degrees.
  • Similarly, Software Sales Gurus offers online courses for aspiring salespeople.
Even more alternatives
  • Students seeking self-paced university courses can check out edX. This huge online learning platform hosts marketing courses from top universities like Harvard and MIT as well as big tech companies like Microsoft. Learn more about edX in our review.
  • Similarly, Coursera has thousands of courses in a huge variety of tech topics, including digital marketing. They often collaborate with universities and top tech companies like Google to keep their curricula practical and in-demand for today’s market.
  • People looking for affordable self-paced courses can look into Udemy. Their platform hosts 100,000+ video courses in digital marketing, tech sales, and more. Students only pay around $10 per class and get lifetime access. 
  • Students on a budget can also check out SEMRush Academy, QuickSprout, Copyblogger, and Facebook Blueprint. These online programs offer digital marketing courses and certifications for free.
  • The massive online learning platform Udacity offers both free and paid courses on a variety of tech subjects, including digital marketing and sales. Like GreenFig, students in Udacity’s nanodegree programs work 1-on-1 with mentors while getting hands-on practice with in-demand software. Find out if Udacity is right for your career goals in our review.

How does GreenFig compare to Pathrise?

GreenFig is a bootcamp that helps people launch a non-coding tech career, designed for beginners. Fellows in the Pathrise program should already have a background in their chosen field so that they get the most out of our technical curriculum. 

While GreenFig prepares students for the job and teaches important career skills, they do not actually help grads navigate the job search to seek out their dream job. Pathrise is a full service organization that helps students through all phases of the job search. Experienced mentors work 1-on-1 with fellows in our program to optimize their resumes and LinkedIn profiles, build their portfolios, prepare for technical and behavioral interviews, negotiate salaries, and much more. Our mentors have already helped 900+ students and professionals land great tech jobs. 

Like GreenFig, our program is flexible, with only 2-4 hours of group sessions per week and fellows can schedule 1-on-1s as needed. The Pathrise income share agreement (ISA) means that fellows don’t pay anything until they land a job they love and start working. We never require any upfront payments or deposits.

Pathrise is a career accelerator that optimizes the job search through 1-on-1 mentoring. Fellows in our program have seen their interview scores double and their response rates triple, landing jobs in just 3-5 months on average. If you are interested in working with any of our mentors to land your dream job faster, join Pathrise. 

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