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  • HubSpot is known for their great company culture and their 'Culture Code'
  • There have also been complaints that employees work long hours
  • The compensation for these roles is at the high end of the spectrum compared to similar companies
  • Great perks - free food, cafes, nap rooms, PTO
Interview Process

On average, the interview process for a software engineer takes 2-3 weeks.

Stage 1: Phone screen with recruiter
Stage 2: 3 hour coding challenge
The coding challenge involves GET, parsing and doing calculations on a JSON, and a POST back. The coding challenge has no restrictions on the libraries candidates can use and it's all done on their site. The coding question looks similar to the actual one that engineers at Hubspot work on.
Stage 3: Behavioral phone interview
Stage 4: Onsite interview
The onsite visit lasts around 2 hours. The onsite starts with a 15 minute recruiter chat and a 15 minute director of engineering chat, followed by 2 consecutive technical interviews (45 minutes of system design questions and 45 minutes of programming questions).
Stage 5: Post-interview feedback phone call

There is no data about the interview process for a data scientist at Hubspot.

The interview process can take 1-3 weeks or longer.

Stage 1: Phone screen with recruiter
Stage 2: Onsite interview
The candidate meets with the head of product/director. A tour of their offices can be provided during this phase. This interview is more conversational than formal. Then, there is a 4-hour interview with several people, including product designers on the team (whiteboarding session), developers, creative director, etc

The interview process for a product manager can take 1-3 weeks.

Stage 1: Phone screen with recruiter
Stage 2: Onsite interview
The in-person interviews consist of 4 hr face-to-face sessions with members of the team and senior management.

Interview Questions
  • Given an array of strings with only lowercase letters, create a function that returns an array of those same strings, but each string has its letters rearranged such that it becomes a palindrome (if possible, if not, return -1).
  • Name and explain the common HTTP request methods.
  • How would you design a Facebook clone? (database related)
  • Give an example of a time you have faced a certain situation and what you did to overcome it. Each question is focused on a particular attribute such as effectiveness, teaching and learning, empathy, adaptability, and humbleness.
  • Merge two sorted list in an array of max length k.
  • What technologies have you incorporated within a team?
  • Design a URL shortener API, with metrics capturing and some optimisation suggestions.
  • Design a data model for storing users, friend lists, and posts (small messages).
  • Design an API for fetching a paged list of time-ordered posts from a user's friend list (like a lightweight twitter).
  • Design TinyURL.
  • Given an array of objects of attendees for an event, return the date that most attendees of one country could attend the event.
  • Hit API get JSON manipulate it and hit again to get 200 response.

There is no data about the interview process for a data scientist at Hubspot.

  • What is your current favorite app and why?
  • What is your design process? How do you make design decisions?
  • What is your product development process? Do you utilize experimentation?
  • How do you go about idea creation?
  • Explain what an API is and how it works.
  • Talk about the most technical project you've worked on and the successes and failures within it.
About Hubspot


Hubspot is on a mission to help millions of organisations grow better.


  1. We commit maniacally to both our mission and metrics.
  2. We look to the long-term and Solve For The Customer.
  3. We share openly and are remarkably transparent.
  4. We favor autonomy and take ownership.
  5. We believe our best perk is amazing people.
  6. We dare to be different and question the status quo.
  7. We recognize that life is short.

HEART: Humble, Empathetic, Adaptable, Remarkable, Transparent.

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  • Cambridge: 25 First Street, 2nd Floor
  • Dublin: One Dockland Central
  • Portsmouth: 1 Harbour Place
  • Chiyoda-ku: 1-6-1Otemachi
  • Singapore: 60 Anson Road
  • Berlin: Unter den Linden 26
  • Sydney: 7 20 Hunter St
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