Because of COVID-19, I have a remote panel interview on Zoom. How should I present myself? What should I do about my body language?

Make sure that you are in a comfortable, quiet place in your home, preferably with a neutral background. Double check that your WiFi connection is strong as well. It can be helpful to have a notebook ready so that you can write down questions as you are speaking with your interviewers. Typically, we advise against using a notes app on your laptop as the sound you make while typing can be distracting to the interviewer.

If you have not used Zoom before, consider practicing with a few friends. Having a group discussion on Zoom can definitely feel awkward at first, so you want to be prepared for handling any lags in connection or pauses. When someone asks you a question, make sure that you address that person in your answer. Keep your hands in your lap so you are not waving them around as you answer. Sit up straight, smile, and speak at a reasonable volume.

Unlike an in-person interview, you might not be able to greet everyone on the panel during your Zoom call. To make up for this, you should send “Thank you” emails to each interviewer. You can use our follow up email template for these notes.