How to reach out to company recruiters

We have worked with hundreds of people to optimize their job search and find the best possible job. With each success, we’ve realized that the job search is a winnable game and we wanted to share our data-backed steps with you. 

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Find company recruiter email addresses

When you are applying to jobs, the company recruiter is usually the first person who looks at your resume and app. You could call recruiters the gateway to the company, since they are usually deciding who moves forward or who is rejected. Oftentimes, they are looking through hundreds of applications and can only spend 5-30 seconds at a time on each resume.

So, how can you make sure that your resume and application gets seen? At Pathrise, we have found that sending a cold email to the recruiter after you have submitted your application can triple your response rate. Your cold emails should be short, compelling, and personalized based on the company and the recruiter. If you are not sure what to say, use this guide with our cold email template to help you.

In order to help you successfully send cold emails, we have compiled email addresses for recruiters at many of the top tech companies.

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