Uber interview question

I have an upcoming interview at Uber and I found the following practice question online: “The interviewer asks you to walk through a problem that the engineers and product designers have been experiencing with a certain area on the map. It turns out that drivers are refusing to go to that area. What might the problem be?” How would I go about identifying the problem?

Start by identifying the problem succinctly: There is an area on the map where drivers refuse to go. Consider asking, “Why won’t drivers go there?” You could start by suggesting that there might be a problem with the UI (user interface) - Does the map not match the road? Is there a closed road? Construction? Ask the interviewer if they have already controlled for these factors.

Evaluate other possibilities as well. Perhaps there is an expensive toll that is not being factored into the cost of the trip. Maybe the driver has dropped off a passenger there before but failed to find any new passengers and thus lost money on gas. For each potential problem that you identify, be prepared to outline a possible solution.

Thanks this is a great starting point. Is there any sort of framework that I can use to organize my thoughts while answering this question on the spot in an interview?