Projects on resume

I am a recent college grad. I have quite a few projects that I could include on my resume. I have some really great projects that I completed in class, but I think that they’re pretty typical. With so many computer science students graduating from the same department and applying for similar jobs, I am worried that my class projects won’t stand out.

But, I’ve been pursuing projects on my own that were not related to my coursework as well. I think that they’re kind of boring, mostly because they are not as far along as my school projects. Which ones should I include?

It’s best to include side projects demonstrating that you have an interest in programming on your own - that is, outside of school and work. You are correct in your assumptions, all of your classmates and even many other computer science students will have the same projects, so you want to make sure you stand out by featuring other work.

Recruiters and hiring managers are not going to be looking at the nitty gritty of your side project’s code, so even if they are “works in progress,” be sure to feature them, especially if they convey that you are advancing your current skills or learning new languages. A project may seem boring to you, but it might demonstrate that you are developing a skill that is crucial to a team’s ongoing project.