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Does anyone have some advice for doing the Product Designer onsite interview for Palantir, or remember any of the whiteboarding challenges that you did?

Also, yes… I know the reputation of the company but I am not saying no to good interviewing experience.

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I know Palantir has hard interviews in general, and they really look for specifics in all their interviews, not high-level hand waveyness.

I don’t know the exact questions they ask during their onsite, but I believe their white-boarding is very scenario based: “you’re trying to build an app to do A … what is your process?”

And you go through the entire ideation process all the way through wireframing and interactions.

Some really strong ways to practice for the onsite:

  1. Ask the recruiter for an agenda for the onsite (including Designers who will be interviewing you)
  2. Search up these designers online, look up all their past companies and immediately work through the problem "How would I design the main app for {like Yelp, Zillow, wherever they workd}
  3. Search up their portfolios and look at their past work. Focus on the the specific design decisions they made for each of their projects. Answer the question “Do I believe these design and UX decisions were the right choice here? Why? What other use cases would I see for an interaction / design choice like this?”

Some specifics for Palantir:

  1. Palantir has large philanthropy initiatives, and these initiatives often require app or technology solutions
  2. Take a look at some of their initiatives, and answer “How would I design an app to solve this problem?”
  3. I believe they also have a blog where you can read through some of their other initiatives to answer the same question above

These six ideas will help you prepare specifically for likely design related scenerios and concepts that will be relevent for Palantir and ultimaitely the people making the final decision in your hiring process.

Good luck @vivian!