No response after replying recruiter followup email. Should I send another email?

I received a followup email from an IBM recruiter regarding my application to the Entry Level Backend Developer role. She asked me to confirm my interest to this role. I replied her in an hour and also sent another email after three days with no response. But I still didn’t heard back from her considering the next step. Should I send another email? What should I say in the email? And what else could I do?

In my reading of that email, it sounds like the specific position you applied to isn’t open anymore for whatever reason, but they are very interested in you. It sounds like they might have a position opening up that they want to hire quickly for.

Three days, in my experience, isn’t necessarily a long time to go without a response from a recruiter, especially for a large company like IBM–they are very busy with a lot of candidates, and their email inboxes are full of hundreds of emails! Her email signature has a phone number–if you haven’t heard from her after a week, call her and ask for an updated timeline!

Good luck!

I will just be extra cautious here about the opportunity(it might be bogus) because I received an email from IBM in fact 2 emails for the positions I never applied for and just to check things up I followed up and didn’t heard anything back from them. This might not be the case for you , but yeah be little carful.

As Sahil mentioned, I would definitely double check the email address to make sure it’s a valid email from IBM and also cross check the person on Linkedin to make sure they are who they say (make sure they have a decent amount of connections as well, people can make fake Linkedin profiles).

But it doesn’t hurt to follow up over email again and confirm that you are indeed interested, but you haven’t yet received the link to the other application yet. You can also ask which role it is so you can apply directly yourself if their system isn’t working.