I am applying for a marketing role at a startup. I completed my final round presentation last week and then the recruiter asked me to specify my compensation needs. I asked him to send me an email that outlines the salary range we had discussed at the start of the interview process, as well as any other options.

He also let me know that the company stopped interviewing other candidates because they are focusing on evaluating my candidacy. Should I still email thank you notes to everyone in the final round presentation? Is there anything else that I should do? I specifically would like help with what to say to the recruiter so I can maximize success & salary/cash?

While it is hard to say whether or not you will receive an offer, you should definitely email thank you’s to everyone in the final round presentation. You should do this no matter what, because if they are on the fence, it can often tip the scales in your favor. You can use our follow up email template to help.

When it comes to negotiation, you made the right decision by asking the recruiter to forward you the conversation you had earlier in the process. While we always recommend against giving them numbers because it limits room for negotiation, at a certain point it becomes impossible to stay quiet. If you are looking to maximize salary, rather than other aspects of your total compensation like equity, benefits, and perks, make sure you have a good sense of the average salary for the role in your geographical location. You can also use compensation from other offers or from your current role as leverage in your negotiations as well. See our negotiation email template and tips in this article for more information.