Is it bad taste to send a cold email via linkedin?

is it bad taste to send a cold email via linkedin? i found a few recruiters on LI but could not find their email using clearbit. so i’m wondering if i should go that route or email the catch-all

(Originally posted on Slack on Feb 18 at 11:37 AM)

It’s not bad taste at all! However, it may be ineffective depending on who you are sending the message to. Typically, recruiters give the highest response rates over linkedin vs hiring managers or individual employees. So if you are reaching out to the latter, I’d recommend using if you can’t find their information via Clearbit.

Here are some common email formats as well:

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I second what @caitlin said: Sending a cold LinkedIn message wouldn’t be in poor taste, but it’s better to meet recruiters where they are.

Most professionals spend upwards of 6 hours online per day, so you’ve got a much better chance of getting their attention via email!

When you are on LinkedIn, you can get a good idea for how likely your message is to be viewed by seeing how active your recruiter is. Their profile will have their recent activity at the top–this will be the comments they leave on other people’s posts, and posts they have made themselves. If you see they are frequently liking and commenting on LinkedIn, then you can feel more confident they will see your message.