How to select keywords for Adwords

How do you select keywords? What are the differences between broad match and exact match?

You want to begin with exact match (also known as phrase match) keywords. When using Google AdWords, an exact match keyword will only enter an auction in which the user’s input perfectly matches, or is a close variation of, your keyword. Highly matchable keywords help ensure that you are not wasting money.

If your exact keyword is “black shoes,” then the ad will appear when people search phrases such as “black footwear,” “black shoes for kids,” “black sneakers,” and other related terms.

As you become more comfortable with exact match keywords, you will start to develop a better understanding of what your target audience is searching for. You can start being more experimental by selecting broad match keywords. Broad match keywords allow your ads to match the widest ranges of possible keyword searches that relate, in some way, to your keyword. While broad match keywords can help you reach a wider audience, they are more expensive and not necessarily the best choice for driving sales.

If your broad match keyword is “black shoes,” then the ad might appear when people search phrases such as “black sandals,” as well as “dark footwear,” “men’s clothing,” “clothing for women,” and “athletic socks.”

To determine which keywords have the most volume and generate the most traffic, you should use SEMRush and other related tools. In addition, you should carefully study what keywords your competitors are using so that you are targeting your ads at the right audience.