How to describe long term career goals

How do I describe my long-term career goals?

This is your time to shine and flex your ambition! I like to aim very big on these questions. Since you aren’t committed to your answers, why not?!

I disagree, you should be mindful of the role and the scope of it long term within the context of the company. Companies don’t typically want to hire engineers who want to get into social work long term. They want to know that you are committed to your function and that you will be successful in the specific role they are hiring you for.

There are multiple ways that you can talk about your long-term career goals as a software engineer. Mainly, it depends on what you want to do. Typically software engineers can follow a few different paths:

  • Leading a team or multiple teams as an engineering manager
  • Building and developing scalable software or diving deep into a specific type of engineering, like machine learning or AI.
  • Launching your own startup or climbing the ranks in a major tech company.

No matter what you decide to say, make sure that you pull from past experiences to prove why your future goals make sense and show that you are on your way to achieving them.