Do I focus my resume objective statement on my past or future?

I am applying for project management roles. Here is the object statement/opening line on my resume. “Seasoned producer of creative projects in the mediums of emerging technology, live performance and video.”

I have also completed a few project management certificates and I have worked at a number of tech companies (including Apple, Google, Twitter, and YouTube), but in creative roles. In my last role, I was a project manager with a small startup focused on the arts. However, I was only in this role for 9 months. Should my objective statement focus on my past work or my future plans?

To make sure that your resume catches the eyes of recruiters, your objective statement, if you choose to include one, should explicitly mention that you are a project manager. Here is an example: “Project manager who has launched successful projects with Apple, Google, Twitter, and YouTube, with a creative producer background.” You should mention your previous employers and reframe your experiences in terms of project management.

As someone who is new to project management, make sure that you are focusing on associate/junior roles.