Hey you guys! I’m looking to work on a personal project with a developer again. I have a couple ideas (one mobile app and the other chrome extension) if anyone is interested in working on a project for portfolio I would love to work on something with you! Please let me know if interested :slight_smile:

Hi hsalfrank.

I am actually interested.
But could you please introduce yourself first? Are you a software engineer? What would the technology stack be? Will the projects generate revenue?


Hi Yujun,

Of course sorry about that! I’m a product designer and with a little understanding of css. For technology is all depends on which project you want to work on. I think the chrome would be easier to work with since the app would have to be IOS and android. As for revenue, I haven’t thought about it to much just something to work on portfolio stuff.

Hello, hsalfrank. I have 1 more question for now.
What is the team size?