Cold emails: Why are they important?

Why do I need to send cold emails? Isn’t sending in my online job application enough? I already included my resume, LinkedIn profile, GitHub profile, portfolio, and cover letter. Won’t recruiters and hiring managers have sufficient information to make a decision regarding my candidacy without me pinging their inbox?

Some companies receive well over 1,000 applications for 1 job posting. With so many applications, recruiters cannot possibly look at every application, especially when a large number of applicants are not qualified for the position. So even if you are the perfect fit for a position, there is a good chance that recruiters won’t see your application, especially if other candidates have referrals or have made connections with recruiters and hiring managers.

By sending a cold email, you are demonstrating that you are excited about the position, as well as increasing the likelihood that recruiters and hiring managers will carefully read and consider your candidacy. It helps add humanity to your application so that it is harder for you to be ignored and often, you can create a good relationship that can help you with future job searches as well. We have found that the addition of cold emails to applications increases response rates by 3x. Use our cold email template to help speed up the process.