Add the final piece.

You already excel at providing career support. At Pathrise, we have top tech professionals that are passionate about mentoring others and we connect them with your students to fast-track growth, provide industry guidance, build interviewing confidence,  and improve outcomes.

Benefits for universities

Accelerated results

Pathrise can demonstrate considerable results in less than 6 months with any student group.

No minimum cost

Help your students achieve the best outcomes possible without any minimum financial commitment.

Sophisticated mentors

Connect your students with top recruiters and professionals from the exact companies they want to work at.

Students placed at:

Trained by top mentors

Your students will learn from the best in the industry

Most common questions

Some answers to your questions about university partnerships

Does Pathrise charge my students?

At Pathrise, our approach to university partnerships is completely separate from the way we work with individuals on the consumer side. Universities are able to add the industry knowledge and support of Pathrise to their existing programs for very little cost, and there is absolutely zero cost for students that are a part of the program.

Does Pathrise replace career services?

Pathrise is not a replacement for career services. We are a strategic partner which aims to amplify your existing initiatives while generating additional buzz around your career center so students are even more excited to engage. In some instances we have replaced the career center's reliance on their alumni network because of how accessible and invested our mentors are for students.

How does the partnership work?

When a university decides to partner with Pathrise we will work together to develop a program that is personalized to the exact needs of their students, and interwoven with their existing efforts. Our network of industry professionals available for 1-on-1 mentorship and mock interviewing is only the beginning - Pathrise university partners also gain access to our industry-leading platform and reporting, currently included at no additional cost.