Pathrise - Partnerships

Benefits for partners

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Deep technical evaluation

All Pathrise fellows are trained and evaluated based on their industry skills over several weeks instead of just a single interview process.

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No hiring fees

Our goal is to help our fellows get placed at the best fit company. We don't charge fees and as a partner you receive unlimited handpicked candidates.

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Diverse talent

We have tech professionals with all levels of experience, ready for roles in all geographies and from many cultural and personal backgrounds.

Types of candidates available

Depending on your openings, we can specialize our recommendations

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Software Engineering

We can help you fill roles in software engineering, web development, mobile development, developer operations, and other IT or engineering roles.

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Product Design

We can help you source product designers, user interface designers, user experience designers, graphic designers, visual designers and other design candidates.

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Product, Strategy and Ops

We work with high motivation, strategically sound and experienced product and operations candidates to place them in roles where they can contribute to teams.

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Data Science

Hire our top fellows to join your company as data scientists, data analysts, product analysts, machine learning engineer or other research or data roles.

Trained by top mentors

Our fellows learn from the best in the industry, and bring that expertise to you

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Most common questions

Some answers to your questions about partnerships

Where do Pathrise fellows come from?

Pathrise fellows come from all sorts of backgrounds all around the country. They are all authorized to work in the US. Many of our candidates come from diverse backgrounds, with 30% of fellows being women and 70% of fellows being persons of color.

What sets a Pathrise fellow apart from a normal candidate?

Pathrise fellows are vetted based on our proprietary technical evaluations before joining the program. Through the program we train them and continue to measure their skills and teamwork ability over the course of several weeks to months. Through this, we can confidently create a profile of their strengths and weaknesses and prepare them for the workforce.

How does the partnership work?

When a hiring partner works with Pathrise, we send them candidates for their hiring funnel that are handpicked by our talent team. We adjust the volume and type of candidates we send over based on your needs. If you don't like the candidates, we continue to adjust our recommendations based on your feedback. The whole system is free of charge.