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How to get a job at the highest paying companies

Check out this article with information on how to get a job at the highest paying companies.

When you are comparing jobs, one important aspect should be salary. You want to work for a company that recognizes your worth. Plus, if you have a sense of the average salaries in the industry, you can use that for leverage in your negotiations. That is why it helps to take a look at the highest paying companies.

Here is a list of the 10 highest paying companies in tech, according to USA Today. We also included tips on how to get a job at each one.

Highest paying companies in tech


Average salary: $137,000

Started in 1993, Nvidia creates interactive graphics cards for video games, cars, artificial intelligence. Employees report a good company culture and a flat hierarchical structure, making for good teamwork, but sometimes difficult promotions.

They currently have over 400 engineering positions open. For more information on their mission, values, hiring processes, and interview questions, check out the guide to getting hired at NVIDIA.

2. VMWare

Average salary: $126,000

A software company, VMWare helps organizations streamline their online businesses through compute, cloud, networking and security, and digital workspaces. This means there are a lot of great opportunities for employees to learn about different technologies and advance their knowledge in the space.

With offices all over the world, VMWare has over 2,000 software engineering positions available online. Get inside information about their hiring processes, interview questions, demographics, and more using this guide to getting a job at VMWare.

3. LinkedIn

Average salary: $123,000

LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site in the world. Plus, they are continuing to build new features all the time! This results in a demand for software engineers, data scientists, designers, product managers, and additional tech-based roles. They are known for their great culture, perks, and benefits. In addition, people generally have a good sense of confidence in management. Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in 2016.

There are over 100 software engineer and over 30 data scientist roles open at LinkedIn. Check out the guide to getting hired at LinkedIn for more information on their mission, values, interview questions, and hiring processes.

4. Apple

Average salary: $121,000

At Apple, they “believe that we are on the face of the earth to make great products and that’s not changing”. They are an extremely innovative tech company. Therefore, they have lots of opportunities in hardware and software engineering, as well as design, data, and product. The culture is fairly exclusive and secretive and some employees have reported that upper management can be difficult.

On their careers page, Apple has over 230 machine learning and AI positions, over 600 software positions, over 50 design positions, and over 140 product and operations positions available. For more information about their mission and values as well as valuable interview questions and hiring practices, review the guide to getting a job at Apple.

5. Microsoft

Average salary: $118,000

Microsoft is one of the most well known software companies in the world. They have an inclusive culture and good benefits and perks for their employees. Microsoft also offers a great program for students and new grads to break into the industry and work on projects that matter in the tech space.

There are over 2,800 engineering positions worldwide on their Careers page. This includes UX design and data science as part of the team. Their onsite interviews are generally long. So, review questions they have asked in the past as well as their values in the guide to getting a job at Microsoft so that you can prepare.

6. eBay

Average salary: $118,000

Started in 1995, eBay has remained a top e-commerce platform for many years. Employees report that the company culture and work environment is enjoyable. Unlike most tech companies, many say they do not feel stressed working at eBay.

On their Careers page, candidates can browse by category. They have 90 software engineering openings, 27 product management openings, 4 UX openings, and 19 data openings. To get a better understanding of their mission, values, and interview questions, check out the guide to getting hired at eBay.

7. Facebook

Average salary: $117,000

Facebook is one of the largest social media sites in the world. They have a lot of opportunities for software engineers, product designers, data scientists, product managers, and many other tech-based positions. They are, and have been, rapidly growing for some time, so there are a lot of opportunities available. People generally feel positively about the culture.

There are 180 software engineering positions, over 150 data and analytics positions, over 110 design & UX experience positions, and over 70 product management positions available on their Careers page for Facebook alone. They also have a variety of openings at Instagram and Oculus, which they also own. For more information about how to get a job at Facebook, including actual interview questions, check out our guide.

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8. Google

Average salary: $113,000

A tech giant, Google has many products employees can work on. Their culture is generally described positively. Plus, they offer impressive workplace amenities and benefits. They are considered a very innovative company. In addition, they are constantly iterating on their products, which means they are always looking for new team members.

On their Careers page, Google shows over 1,300 software engineer positions, over 100 data scientist positions, over 120 product design positions, and over 1,800 product manager positions across Google, YouTube, and Google Fiber. Job-seekers can also add other Alphabet companies, like Waymo, Verily Life Sciences, and Wing to their search, if they’d like. To learn more about Google’s mission, interview questions, demographics, and hiring processes, check out the guide to getting a job at Google.

9. Intuit

Average salary: $113,000

The mission at Intuit is to “power prosperity around the world.” Their suite of products are finance and business-based and include TurboTax, QuickBooks, and Mint. Company culture and work environment is good at Intuit. In addition, they have been consistently on the Fortune “Best Places To Work” list.

They have 200 software engineering positions, 40 data science positions, 36 product design positions, and 50 product management positions available on their Careers page. Review the guide to getting hired at Intuit for information on their mission, values, and interview questions.

10. Salesforce

Average salary: $109,000

Salesforce is rapidly becoming one of the top tech companies in the world, as more and more businesses rely on it as their cloud-based customer relationship manager (CRM). They are known for great employee benefits and perks as well as a commitment to volunteering and giving back.

They have over 400 positions in the category of products and technology, which includes software engineering, product design, data science, and product management. For more information on interview questions and processes for these roles, check out the guide to getting a job at Salesforce.

With this list of the highest paying companies in tech and our tips, you should be well on your way to finding a great job that helps you grow professionally and personally.

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