Why hire a professional negotiator

Why Hire A Professional Negotiator to Negotiate Your Salary

Planning to negotiate your salary for the first time? It is intimidating, but it’s a very important process that can set you on a journey to set you up financially for years to come.

However, before you sit down with your potential employer, there’s something you should know–you don’t have to do it alone. You can hire a professional negotiator to help get you the best salary possible.

Here are three reasons why hiring a negotiator may be the best decision you make during your job search.

Save money and time

Negotiation consulting services are commonly brought in to help with complex business deals, as well as many other interactions in the business world. However, negotiation is also helpful in personal situations, such as when negotiating a salary job offer.

By working with a negotiation coach, you can learn effective strategies for communicating with your potential employer. This can help you to save both time and money, as you will know the right offers to make and the right times to negotiate. Learning how to negotiate salary lets you understand what offers are too low and too high.

When it’s time to negotiate salary, it is common to feel nervous or, when they say no, upset. Having a negotiation coach in your corner will help you stay calm and confident throughout the whole process. Most candidates see at least a 10% increase in their initial offers, making a negotiation consultant an extremely valuable investment.

The Coaching Effect

Many people try to negotiate salary blind, preparing to wing it and come out ahead. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. There are many salary negotiation pitfalls into which the unexpected interviewee can fall, locking them out of a good negotiation. A professional negotiator has the experience and expertise to get you the best job offer possible.

They know how to read people and understand what employers are looking for. As a result, they will help you craft counter offers that meet your needs and help you get ahead.

A professional negotiation coach helps you understand your own thinking patterns, eliminating bad habits and replacing them with healthier ones. This is essential to negotiate salary and ending up with the best offer going into your new job.

Through this process, you will come to value yourself more, see your strengths with greater clarity, and know definitively what salary you should be pursuing.

Peace of Mind

They will help you stay focused during the negotiation process.

Salary negotiators have scripts, email templates, and will even be on the call with you when speaking with a recruiter.

In the end, you’ll have the best chance of getting the salary you deserve by hiring a professional negotiator. Don’t leave money on the table. Follow this link to connect with a negotiation consultant today!

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Shane Martin

Certified by Yale and Harvard in the art of negotiation, Shane has worked as a former Head of Sales at the American Negotiation Institute as well as volunteering at the National Suicide Hotline. He has successfully negotiated with companies such as Microsoft, Apple, and other Fortune 500's.

Now he works with Pathrise fellows to get the most out of their job offers through negotiation.

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