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  • Strong emphasis on community service and volunteering. Employees receive a set of paid days off for volunteering every year.
  • Compensation for engineers is significantly lower on average than comparable technology companies
  • Large company with historically high yearly growth rates, not for you if you are looking for a smaller workplace
Interview Process

The interview process takes 2-4 weeks on average.

Stage 1: Initial phone screen by HR.
Stage 2: A timed 90 minute technical screen on HackerRank. There are two programming problems to solve in any language of the candidate's choosing.
Stage 3: An onsite interview where the candidate meets and has interviews with teams that have expressed interest in them.

The interview process takes 2-4 weeks on average.

Stage 1: Initial phone screen by HR.
Stage 2: Up to 4 phone interviews with technical recruiters and data scientists.
Stage 3: A take home assignment where the candidate is asked to analyze a data set
Stage 4: An onsite interview which includes a coding session, an interview focused on probability/statistics, two interviews focused on machine learning, and a presentation where the candidate presents their work on the take home assignment.

The interview process takes 2-5 weeks on average.

Stage 1: Initial phone screen by HR.
Stage 2: An interview with members of the teams that are interested in the candidate consisting of a design portfolio walk through and questions regarding the process and problem-solving scenarios.
Stage 3: An onsite with several people the onsite interview involves a presentation of 1-2 case studies of the candidate's portfolio, as well as whiteboard challenge. The interviewers are lead designers, product managers, engineers and the hiring manager.

The interview process takes 2-4 weeks on average.

Stage 1: Initial phone screen by HR.
Stage 2: A 1-2 phone interviews with the hiring manager and potentially other members of the hiring team.
Stage 3: An onsite interview including a panel presentation on a given topic to 2-8 people. Can take place either at the start of the onsite round or at the end. The onsite also includes interviews with adjacent team members. The questions are mostly behavioral questions to see if there is a fit with the role & product

Interview Questions
  • How would you create a client-side application that would handle movie streaming services
  • Fairly simple whiteboarding questions, mostly array/string manipulation type stuff.
  • How does a hash table work?
  • What are all the verbs for a CRUD API?
  • Explain how you would implement "Word Count"
  • Identify the discrepancy between two mostly identical arrays. //A = [3,1,4,5,2,6,6] //B = [3,5,2,1,4,6].
  • How to find duplicate letters in a string
  • Design minesweeper
  • Several coding questions requiring specific data structures for the solution.
  • Write a function to reverse individual words in a string (separated by spaces).
  • How would you implement a Hashtable from scratch? How would you implement the .Add() in the HashTable? How would you make the hashtable concurrent safe?
  • If you were to type in salesforce.com on your browser, what happens in the background?
  • What is a RESTful API?
  • Find the first unique character in a string
  • How would you build a classifier to predict the outcome of NFL games in real time.
  • Explain decision trees and random forests
  • Explain SQL group by, nested select and window functions
  • Assumptions and violations of K-means clustering
  • How would you decide on a feature selection for Document classification
  • How would you construct a basic recommendation system?
  • Given a data set calculate attrition and churn
  • Tell me about a time you leveraged data science techniques to add value.
  • What is the computational complexity of finding the most frequent word in a document?
  • Talk about some apps you like on your phone.
  • (Whiteboard challenge) We are unable to place that link in the area you suggested. How else would you approach this knowing this restriction?
  • How would you design a platform to encourage users to use new tools or other existing tools/features that they don't use often?
  • Tell me about how you prioritize features in your backlog.
  • Give a comprehensive presentation on a (very specific and real) enhancement request from customers.
  • Walk me through an A/B test. How do you plan a test?
  • What is a product you like or don't like and why?
  • How would you integrate video into Chatter?
About Salesforce


Our mission is to help our customers transform themselves into 'customer companies' by empowering them to connect with their customers, partners, employees and product s in entirely new ways. Our objective is to deliver solutions to help companies transform the way they sell, service, market and innovate.


We believe that the business of business is to improve the state of the world, and we work to make sure Salesforce is a platform for change through serving the interests of all our stakeholders employees, customers, partners, communities and the environment. We're working to play a meaningful role in creating a sustainable, low-carbon future by:

  • Working toward 100 percent renewable energy for our global operations
  • Continuing to deliver our customers a carbon neutral cloud and operate as a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions company
  • Pursuing green building certification and other innovative green office initiatives
  • Leveraging our people, technology and resources to help environmental causes around the world When it comes to protecting our planet and combating climate change, we know that companies have a key role to play. We aspire to never settle for the status quo. At every turn, we look to innovate, taking bold action and paving the way for others to join us.

Nothing is more important than the trusted relationship we have with our customers, employees, and everyone in our Ohana. We earn the trust of our stakeholders through transparency, security, compliance, privacy, and performance. We are trusted advisors, and we deliver the most trusted infrastructure in the industry.

Customer Success
We help our customers achieve extraordinary things so that we can continue growing together, because their success is our success. We strategically expand our business offerings, grow our employee base, increase our impact, and create enormous stakeholder value for our customers, employees, partners, and communities. Inside Salesforce, we motivate and align our people with ongoing opportunities for success, development, and growth.

Thinking differently is in our DNA. We deliver 3 innovative releases each year, and by having the latest technology, our customers are able to innovate like never before. We challenge the status quo, work outside of our comfort zones, and fearlessly pursue initiatives that have the potential to influence the way the world does business.

Equality starts with us. At Salesforce, we value and respect people of all backgrounds. We believe a diverse and inclusive workplace fosters innovation and creativity, and are committed to building a culture where everyone feels included. While we've made progress on some fronts, we know that there is still real work ahead but together, we can drive meaningful change and create a more equal workplace and world for all.

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  • Herndon: 2550 Wasser Terrace #100
  • Indianapolis: 111 Monument Cir
  • Atlanta: Atlanta Plaza, 950 East Paces Ferry Rd NE #3300
  • New York: 1095 6th Ave
  • Toronto: 400 10 Bay St
  • Chicago: 111 W Illinois St
  • Amsterdam: 2970 Gustav Mahlerlaan
  • Staines: Lotus Park, 2 The Causeway
  • Greater London: Bishopsgate
  • Singapore: 5 Temasek Boulevard
  • Dublin: Level 1 Atrium A, Sandyford Business Park, Dublin 18
  • Paris-7E-Arrondissement: 3 Avenue Octave GrĂ©ard
  • Casablanca: Boulevard Ghandi
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