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  • The onsite interview is a little longer compared to other top companies.
  • Accommodation, daily reimbursement for meals, and all transportation expenses are covered.
  • Adobe pays fairly well for software engineers compared to similar digital media companies
  • They have been recognized for their company culture. They have been on the Fortune magazine '100 Best Companies to Work For' list 16+ times
Interview Process

The usual interview process for a software engineer at Adobe takes 2 to 4 weeks.

Stage 1: Phone screen with the recruiter
Stage 2: Phone interview with the manager.
The questions are behavioral/situational (what would you do in this situation, past projects, etc.) and other technical questions
Stage 3: Onsite interview
The onsite interview consists of 4 rounds, 2 coding rounds, 1 system design and 1 object-oriented design round. Questions are described as fairly easy and the interviewers are described as friendly, smart and open.

The interview process for software engineer intern is slightly different:

  • The candidate applies on-campus through a career fair.
  • First interview is about 30 min with a senior software engineer. First 10 minutes is coding questions. The rest of the time is discussing previous internship experience and projects.
  • Next is the onsite. The first day is a career fair/team matching event and the second day is interviews. The first day the candidates rank the teams and the teams rank the candidates. Based on the rankings, the candidate is matched with a team to interview with the next day.

The interview process for a data scientist at Adobe takes around 2 or 3 weeks.

Stage 1: Phone screen with recruiter
Stage 2 + 3: 2 technical interviews
Then the next two phone interviews are both technical. One emphasizes statistics and the other one focuses on coding.
Stage 4: Onsite
A 4-5 hour interview process after a presentation to a team of 15. The candidate gets interviewed by several people back-to-back, including engineers, data scientists, and VPs. The questions are about solving problems on the board related to econometrics, data and R.

In general, to finish the entire process takes around 2 weeks.

Stage 1: Phone screen with recruiter
Stage 2: Phone interview with manager
Stage 3: Design challenge
Stage 4: Onsite
Group portfolio review, group brainstorming session, and a few more 1:1 interviews.

The interview process for a product manager at Adobe takes up to 2 months.

Stage 1: Phone screen with recruiter
Stage 2: Phone peer interview with potential team member
Stage 3: Phone interview with hiring manager
Stage 4: Onsite
Interview with six people on the team, including the hiring manager, as well as VPs, other managers and counterparts.

Interview Questions
  • Tell us about how you've dealt with unexpected changes to deadlines or project scope.
  • Basic data structures, algorithms, and some networking questions
  • Deleting a node from linked list.
  • Reversing the digits of a number.
  • You are given an array of integers. What is the fastest way to generate an array where every integer at an index in the array is the product of all numbers in the given array except the number at that given index?
  • Describe how you do software development and how you approach your craft
  • What are the different classes in the collection frameworks in Java?
  • What is concurrent hashmap and how does it work?
  • What happens when you type a URL in a browser.
  • Design a spell checker.
  • Level order traversal of a BT. Difference between Queue,add() and Queue,offer()
  • Object oriented design for a Connect 4 board game.
  • Given a binary tree, find the lowest common ancestor of two nodes.
  • Which technologies have you used and why?
  • What is RAII?
  • What's the difference between a hash tree and a hash map?
  • How do you implement a hash map?
  • Write a binary tree class and do a breadth first search.
  • How do you implement a semaphore with mutex?
  • How does a mobile app obtain data from a server?
  • Write a SQL query to get some attribute from a table
  • How to move and rotate a window from one state to another?
  • Find a string in an unsorted array of strings.
  • Search for a string in a sorted array of strings (in any language you choose).
  • Return the value of the item k away from the end of a linked list
  • Reverse a linked list
  • Implement Google Docs
  • Find duplicates in an array (try various methods)
  • How many zeros in 100! (100 factorial)?
  • Retrieve minimum element of a stack in O(1)
  • Explain OOP concepts through a module of your project
  • Similar to the basic calculator problem in leetcode.
  • Explain your research topics
  • What is the difference between your methods and classic methods?
  • What kind of coding language do you use when handling a large-scale dataset?
  • Create confidence intervals for finite sampled population.
  • Logistic regression vs collaborative filtering for large scale categorical variable output regression with a large number of features.
  • Explain correlation colored plot and make a story about a plot drawn on a whiteboard.
  • Technical questions about data structure in Python/R and modeling experiences.
  • Difference between logit and probit models.
  • Check if an integer is a palindrome (do not convert the integer to string)
  • Given 2 sorted arrays of integers, code to find a number from each array such that their sum is closest to some integer K
  • What is the degree of freedom for lasso?
  • Generate all valid parentheses pairs of a given number of parentheses.
  • Some high level idea of the real-world-ish problems they're solving.
  • What's your favorite app?
  • How do you solve a design problem without computer?
  • What do you do when a team stops working on the product and is only working on innovations and not listening to the needs of our customers and the business?
  • What do you think about the product? I think that it's a failure. But, if you don't that's fine. What would you do differently? Given it's for this customer and we need to start generating revenue fast.
  • Are you concerned about any features? What did we do right, what did we get wrong?
  • How would you explain what a product manager does?
  • What are some of your favorite product? Why? If you were the PM on this product what would you improve and why?
  • If you have a disagreement with an engineer about what should be built, how do you go about solving that?
  • Tell me about an achievement that you are most proud of? If you met the Adobe CEO, what would you suggest to him as the key strategies for the next 5 years?
  • Marketing case study
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