How to get a Job at Rippling

Rippling Careers: How to Get a Job at Rippling

Rippling is an HR startup company that recently exploded in size. They’re now in talks to raise at a $13.4 billion valuation. To accommodate their growth, Rippling recently quadrupled their San Francisco office space and plans to hire hundreds of new employees.  Rippling careers offer excellent work life balance at a fast growing company. Unfortunately, this also makes Rippling careers highly sought after by job seekers just like you. Rippling job listings on LinkedIn can quickly get hundreds of applicants. We’ve outlined key steps you can take to stand out and get a job at Rippling.        

Open roles on the Rippling Careers Page

On LinkedIn, Rippling lists 340 open positions. The Rippling Careers page lists 318 open roles. However, that includes international roles. Rippling Careers lists a total of 213 roles in the United States, including over 25 US remote roles. The most common open role on Rippling Careers is software engineering (129 roles). Sales roles (58) and Marketing roles (33) are also in demand on Rippling Careers. 

Roles open on Rippling career page

While Rippling’s new hiring numbers are extremely impressive, some former employees report a high turnover rate. But in today’s extremely challenging tech job market, Rippling’s growth and hiring is a breath of fresh air for tech professionals.

How to get an interview from Rippling Careers (TO DO!)

Rippling recruiters often search for highly specific keywords. This isn’t unusual. Today most employers also use Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software to sort candidates based on keywords, usually from the job listing. Resumes that match the qualifications for Rippling careers get passed on to a recruiter for a manual review. You will rarely get an interview if ATS software puts your resume at the bottom of the pile. That’s why we recommend making your resume match 45% to 65% of the job description. You can also use our Chrome extension to detect keywords in the job listing and customize your resume faster. You should also make sure you’re using the optimized resume format to avoid any errors when parsing.

Keywords to match job description

Since Rippling recruiters are searching for keywords, you can also optimize your LinkedIn to appear in their searches. We recommend making your LinkedIn headline and title the job that you want. For example, if you’re applying to jobs as a back-end developer, make your LinkedIn title and headline “back-end” developer.

How to Contact Rippling Recruiters and Hiring Managers

We’ve found that sending a personalized cold email to a recruiter with your application triples your odds of getting an interview, on average. Check out these recruiters we found at Rippling Careers with just a quick LinkedIn search. They all appear to be actively hiring.

  • Nicole: Recruiter @ Rippling Careers
  • Stephanie: Business Recruiter @ Rippling Careers
  • Keegan: Recruiter @ Rippling Careers
  • Debby (Xie): Senior Recruiter @ Rippling Careers
  • Ali: GTM Recruiter @ Rippling Careers
  • Pedram: Tech Recruiter @ Rippling Careers
  • Nathaniel: Technical Recruiter @ Rippling Careers
  • Willard: Talent Sourcer @ Rippling Careers

Reach out to the recruiter seeking your skillset. If you’re seeking a marketing role, don’t reach out to a technical recruiter. Ideally, you should choose a Rippling Careers recruiter who has the strongest connection to you, like a shared hometown or university. Try to mention the connection as soon as possible, even in the subject line.

To respect privacy, we can’t list the email of every recruiter at Ripley Careers. But you can use AI to find emails of Rippling Careers recruiters and generate the perfect networking message. Our Career Connect extension doubles interview rates by automating the outreach process. The extension finds the email of recruiters then generates a highly personalized networking message based on your resume and the job description. Every sentence of the AI email is optimized to get you an entry level computer science job. But you can also use our cold email job application template if you’d like to write the email yourself.  

If you have trouble with email scraping apps, the recruiter email format at Rippling Careers is usually or You can also send recruiters a LinkedIn message, though we’ve found emails to be most effective since recruiters are already overwhelmed with LinkedIn messages.

How to Ace Behavioral Interviews 

After “Tell me about yourself”, the most common interview question you’re almost certain to be asked next at Rippling is “Why Rippling?” The recruiter is looking for alignment with Rippling Careers’s culture. That’s why you should review the leadership principles, mission, history, and products on the Rippling Careers page before the interview. While you don’t have to memorize every detail, you should be able to repeat at least some leadership principles and key facts you’re interested in. You may also want to mention some recent developments at Rippling featured in the news. If possible, incorporate the leadership principles from the Rippling Careers page in your elevator pitch, behavioral interview responses, and even your cold outreach emails to recruiters. Rippling recruiters and behavioral interviews candidate based on their alignment with these principles:

  • Go and see – Rippling leaders spend time in the boiler room. Instead of living in spreadsheets, they study individual successes and failures. They know that firsthand observation is the most powerful kind of data.
  • Push the limits of possible – Rippling leaders set maximally ambitious goals for themselves and their teams. They challenge others’ perceived limitations and achieve more as a result.
  • Go to Western Union – Rippling leaders feel accountable for doing something about the problems they see. They’re never bystanders. They do what’s needed, even if it’s outside of their lane, and even if it’s unglamorous.
  • Build winning teams – Rippling leaders identify exceptional talent. They attract and retain those people, and challenge them to their limits. They build teams with a fierce desire to win.
  • Challenge each other – Rippling leaders give and receive feedback freely. They challenge others directly and respectfully. They hold conversations in the open and voice what they think is best for the business, even when it’s uncomfortable.
  • Decide quickly – Rippling leaders unblock the organization by making decisions quickly. They know most actions can be undone and don’t require extensive study. They exhibit a healthy impatience.
  • Are right – Rippling leaders have good instincts, and they exercise good judgment. They get a lot right on the first try.
  • Change their minds – Rippling leaders are willing to be wrong. They let their ideas rise and fall on the merits, and they don’t pull rank.
  • Are frugal – Rippling leaders count the nickels. They’re resourceful in finding paths to the goal, and they avoid waste. They spend the company’s money as though it were their own.

The most effective way to answer behavioral interview questions from Rippling Careers is to use the STAR interview technique (situation, task, action, result). That means sharing past experiences to answer questions like “tell me about a time you took initiative”, then explaining the result (ie impact) of the action you took. The key is to prepare past experiences before the interview, so you can quickly share a situation instead of anxiously trying to recall one on the spot. Memorized situations can usually apply to a variety of questions.

Star method

The catch is that you have to actually practice, not just think about what answers you might give. Write down some sample responses and say them in front of a mirror. Make sure you’ve prepared responses to “tell me about yourself”, “Why Rippling?”, and some of these most common interview question responses. Have at least 8+ situations to share. If you can’t remember any off the top of your head, use the situations and impact statements on your resume.

How to Ace Technical Interviews

Like Amazon and Netflix, interview questions from Rippling Careers are team-specific. That means that each Rippling team chooses which interview questions to ask and how to conduct interviews. While the hiring process and principles are the same, specific questions are up to the team members. However, Rippling team members are usually extremely busy–now more than ever as Rippling is exploding in popularity. This means that technical questions will often be copied directly from Leetcode or Hackerank.

Users on Leetcode have shared their experiences at Rippling interviews. A medium user shared their experience landing a $520k offer from Rippling ($270K base salary plus $1M in equity over 4 years) after failing a technical question. Questions are also available on Glassdoor. Some common Leetcode questions include:

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