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  • Employees enjoy working with the cutting edge technology
  • Good work-life balance and perks, including “build your own idea” events
  • Culture is laidback, even though company is growing quickly
Interview Process

The interview process for a software engineer at Zillow takes 2-4 weeks on average.

Stage 1: Phone screen with recruiter

Stage 2: Coding challenge

Stage 3: Technical phone interview with hiring manager

Stage 4: Onsite interview
The onsite consists of 4 interviews (45 minutes each), with a break for lunch in the middle. Most of the questions are about algorithms and data structures, namely arrays, hash tables, graphs, etc and include whiteboarding problems. Interviewers put a lot of emphasis on cultural fit and Zillow core values.

The interview process for a data scientist at Zillow takes around 2 weeks on average.

Stage 1: Phone screen with HR

Stage 2: Online data assessment

Stage 3: Technical phone screen with the team director/lead

Stage 4: Onsite interview.
The onsite consists of 5 rounds and includes whiteboarding as well as behavioral and culture fit questions.

The interview process for a product/experience/UX UI designer at Zillow takes about 3-4 weeks.

Stage 1: Phone screen is with HR

Stage 2: Phone interview with a designer/design director.

Stage 3: Design test focused on their product.

Stage 4: Onsite interview
The onsite last about 3 hours and includes a presentation to the design team and several 1-on-1 interviews. There might also be some match/logic questions involved.

The interview process for a product manager at Zillow takes 2-4 weeks on average.

Stage 1: Phone screen with recruiter

Stage 2: Online assignment

Stage 3: Onsite interview
The onsite involves individual interview sessions with several people. In the interview with the hiring manager, the candidate is presented with a problem the company is trying to solve and asked to tackle it, with the department lead, they are asked more strategic questions, and with the hiring manager they are given behavioral and fit questions.

Interview Questions
  • Given a character matrix and words array, find if a word exists in the character matrix.
  • Explain all the steps between submitting a form and seeing the resulting webpage (after form submission).
  • Find the sub array of integers whose sum is zero in an array
  • Write a method to determine if string2 is a substring of string1.
  • You are given a list of three dimensional coordinates. Find the point that is at the center.
  • Find the length of string recursively.
  • Find if an array of numbers satisfies the fibonacci sequence.
  • Code a Fibonacci series.
  • Explain a KNN classifier
  • What is euclidean distance?
  • How would one predict the sale price for a certain item? How will it be different for rural and urban areas?
  • What are some techniques to remove outliers? How can you detect anomalies in the data?
  • What modeling technique would you use to superimpose the nearest house prices on the missing data of house price?
  • Build a predictive model
  • Explain the concept of overfitting and explain what steps we could take to reduce overfitting.
  • Describe an example of how you created a working predictive model. Be detailed.
  • How would you improve our current model?
  • Explain how your code is efficient in terms of processing speed
  • Explain why SVM is needed to maximize the margin between support vectors.
  • Look the Zillow app and help us come up with a new feature for it
  • Explain how you go about segmenting users.
  • What is your approach to solving personalization issues?
  • Define a product timeline and priorities.
  • Tell us about a project in which you failed.
  • How would you grow Zillow
  • What new feature(s) would you add to Zillow?
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Our mission is to build the largest, most trusted and vibrant home-related marketplace in the world, and we remind ourselves of this almost daily. Our mission drives us to stay motivated and work together to accomplish great things.

Own it.

Turn on the lights.

ZG is a team sport.

Move fast, think big.

Act with integrity.

Winning is fun.

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