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  • NetApp has a good company culture with good perks
  • Compensation is about average compared to similar companies
  • They are continuing to grow rapidly and this has caused some growing pains, although the company tries to create a good work-life balance.
Interview Process

The interview process for a software engineer at NetApp takes 3-4 weeks.

Stage 1: Phone screen with recruiter
Stage 2: Technical phone interview with hiring manager
Stage 3: Onsite interview
The onsite consists of 4 interviews with technical engineers, each lasting 45 minutes to an hour. The questions are programming questions, data structures, algorithms, C coding skills, design questions, company protocols, and a discussion of the candidate's work, linked lists, trees, trie, and DP.

The interview process for a data scientist at takes around 2 weeks.

Stage 1: Phone screen with recruiter
Stage 2: Technical phone interview with hiring manager
Stage 3: Onsite interview

The interview process for a product/experience/UX UI designer takes about 3 weeks.

Stage 1: Phone screen with recruiter
Stage 2: Technical phone interview with hiring manager
Stage 3: Onsite interview
The onsite consists of'4 interviews face-to-face with 5-8 people.

The interview process for a product manager can take 1-2 months.

Stage 1: Phone screen with recruiter.
Stage 2: Phone interview with hiring manager or another product manager (peer).
Stage 3: Onsite interview
Onsite interviews are with HR, leaders/managers of various sister teams (engineering, marketing, etc.), and VP.

Interview Questions
  • Given that you can take 1, 2, or 3 steps, how many different ways can you traverse n steps?
  • If you have a random function that creates a result between 0 - 232, how do you generate a random number between 0 and 50? What do we do if we don't want this function to return the same value until all values are generated once?
  • Write a program that prints out every number from 1-100 that is divisible by 3 or 5 with no remainder.
  • Write a class Vehicle, Car, and Plane with function Print_description that gives a description of the vehicle. (Testing your knowledge of class inheritance).
  • Algorithms questions, OOD, and multi-threading questions.
  • OS Concepts - Process, Threads, Mutex, Semaphores, and Paging.
  • Strings, Arrays, and Trees
  • How comfortable are you coding in Python?
  • Linked list concepts
  • Operating system basics
  • Write test cases on semaphores, starvations, file system operations, etc.
  • Given a binary tree, find the path from leaf node to leaf node such that the values of nodes in between are the maximum. The interviewer was interested more in the maximum sum than the path itself.
  • Write/describe an algorithm to re-sort a rotated sorted array with O(1) complexity.
  • Given an array of integers, design an algorithm to return the sum of all integers in a given range with O(1) complexity. So, sum(i1, i2) returns sum of all integers i1 - i2. No for() loops. Now, how would you do it if the array were 2 dimensional?
  • Merge 2 link lists. So, if the linked lists are L1 and L2, the resultant list will be L1->next = L2, L2->next = L1(original)->next; … They may not have the same number of elements.
  • Basic C concepts - difference between processes and threads, mutexes, notify, and wait.
  • Delete middle node from a linked list.
  • Virtual functions, Virtual base classes, and smart pointer.
  • Maps vs sets.
  • Reference vs pointer.
  • Singleton.
  • Observer.

There is no information about potential

  • Solve their current software design problems.
  • Business case analysis of consumer electronics product.
  • A mini-case - A client makes a request for modifying the storage software. The client is insistent but the development team is busy on other work and is unable to dedicate time to the client request. Also, you are not sure if making an investment in modifying the software will be useful for other clients. What would you do in this situation?
  • Come up with a strategy to further enhance the market share for a very successful consumer product.
  • Talk about the future trend of storage management.
About NetApp


Our mission has always been to help our customers achieve what matters most to them.

To support companies throughout the digital transformation process, delivering hybrid cloud data services that radically improve organizational efficiency and create new business opportunities.


At NetApp, we share a vision to be a model company. This vision drives us to deliver the best possible results for the communities we serve by living a set of core values. We believe that being a model company means winning in the marketplace with integrity and honor. A great culture is the foundation for success for us and for our customers and partners.

  • Trust and Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Simplicity
  • Adaptability
  • Teamwork and Synergy
  • Go Beyond
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Office Locations
  • Sunnyvale: 1395 Crossman Ave
  • Wichita: 3718 North Rock Road
  • Waltham: 1601 Trapelo Road
  • Vienna: 1921 Gallows Rd
  • Research Triangle Park: 7301 Kit Creek Road
  • Miami: 1111 Brickell Ave
  • Cranberry Township: 800 Cranberry Woods Drive
  • Hillsboro: 3825 NW Aloclek Pl
  • Boulder: 1048 Pearl Street
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