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  • There are a lot of negative reviews of this company's culture and work-life balance.
  • The compensation for these roles is average compared to similar companies.
  • There are many complaints about bad management and a lack of room to grow.
Interview Process

The interview process for a software engineer takes 3-4 weeks on average.

Stage 1: Technical interview with senior/lead engineers
The interview involves some background questions and technical questions about C++ and implementing virtual functions.
Stage 2: Programming project (6-8 hours).
Stage 3: Onsite interview
The onsite takes about 3 hours. The candidate meets with the engineering director and the lead engineers. They use this time to ask candidates about their thought process for the programming solution. The questions are about C# syntax, SQL, and database internals.

On average, the interview process for a data scientist takes 3 weeks.

Stage 1: Phone screen with recruiter
Stage 2: Technical phone interview with the hiring manager and director.
Stage 3: Onsite interview
The onsite is with 5-6 people, mainly data engineers and data scientists.

The interview process for a product/experience/UX UI designer can take up to 2 months.

Stage 1: Phone screen with recruiter.
Stage 2: Phone interview with hiring manager
Stage 3: Onsite interview
The onsite interview takes about 5 hours and involves meeting with the hiring manager and team members.

The interview process for a product manager can take 1-2 months.

Stage 1: Phone screen with recruiter.
Stage 2: Phone interview with hiring manager.
Stage 3: Onsite interview
The onsite is a 5 person interview panel that lasts roughly 4 hours, where they discuss a case study that the candidate has to prepare ahead of time. After, the candidate has 1-on-1 interviews with every person that attends the panel. Each interviewer is responsible for assessing a different skill/capacity.

Interview Questions
  • What is absolute positioning in CSS and when should it be used?
  • What do you look for when conducting a code review?
  • How would you handle a conflict of design ideas with a team member?
  • What is your favorite design pattern and why?
  • When would you use constructor injection? In what situation would you use mocking?
  • What computer science concepts have helped you in your career?
  • What is polymorphism?
  • What is the difference between an abstract class and an interface?
  • What is serialization?
  • Explain the differences between SQL joins.
  • Find errors in this code and improve any algorithms you can.
  • Implement a queue using a stack.
  • Win32 API questions
  • Red black trees
  • What is LPARAM and WPARAM?
  • How is inheritance implemented in C++?
  • Race condition.
  • Given an array of 1001 elements that consists of all numbers from 1-1000. Only one number is repeated. Write a function that returns the repeated number.
  • Implement grep in Java.
  • What is an interface and why do you use them?
  • What do you know about SCRUM?
  • What is the difference between bayesian and frequentist?
  • What is Naive bayes classification and its assumptions?
  • How do you choose kernels in svm method?
  • What is your design process?
  • Stakeholder A wants to build Feature 1 on product X and stakeholder B wants to build Feature 2 on product Y. You only have the budget and IT bandwidth to build 1 feature for 1 product. IT resources are shared across products. Walk me through your approach and your decision.
  • How do you manage different priorities, time management, and email management?
  • EMR specific experience
  • How do you improve a struggling product?
About McKesson


Together with our customers and partners, we are creating a sustainable future for health care. Together we are charting a course to better health.


To bring together clinical knowledge, process expertise, technology, and the resources of McKesson to help our customers fundamentally change the cost and quality of health care.

McKesson employees make decisions, both big and small, with a focus on what is ethically right. Above all, we are committed to the greater good for our company, our customers, and the healthcare industry.

Our commitment to our customers sets us apart. We hear time and again from our customers that they choose McKesson for our follow through and customer focused service. Our customers are at the center of everything we do, and our success comes from their success. They benefit from McKesson's customized approach to their business and our ability to help them stay ahead of the changing health care landscape.

We make personal commitments to our customers, vendors, and our colleagues. We hold ourselves accountable for keeping those promises. We take individual responsibility for the decisions we make to get results for our customers. We build trust with our customers by delivering on our promises. We all own accountability for McKesson.

Our people treat each other, our customers, and our vendors with dignity, consideration, open-mindedness, and respect. By valuing diverse styles and skills, recognizing each individual's contribution, and staying open to each other's perspectives, McKesson cultivates an environment of innovation and collaboration which pays off in the way we solve problems for our customers.

Our journey to excellence never ends we always aim higher for our customers and partners. We take action with success in mind and focus on results, constantly finding new ways to innovate and improve, and we rigorously measure our progress. When customers choose McKesson, they're choosing an industry leader who will work tirelessly to achieve excellence in quality, safety, and efficiency for the better health of our customers and the entire healthcare industry.

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  • San Francisco: McKesson Plaza, 1 Post St, San Francisco
  • The Woodlands: 10101 Woodloch Forest Dr
  • Henrico: 9954 Mayland Dr #4000
  • Norcross: Norcross, GA, USA
  • Livonia: 30881 Schoolcraft
  • Atlanta: 1564 NE Expy NE
  • Malvern: 470 Lapp Rd
  • Moon: 450 Lindbergh Dr
  • Irving: 6535 State Hwy 161
  • MontrĂ©al: 4705 Dobrin Street, Saint-Laurent
  • Stuttgart: 1 Stockholmer Pl.
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