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  • Informatica tries to create a fun and easy-going culture, but there have been many complaints.
  • The compensation for these roles is at the high end compared to similar companies.
  • They are continuing to grow rapidly and this has caused some growing pains
  • Management is generally reviewed favorably, but there have been some complaints.
Interview Process

The interview process for a software engineer takes 2-3 weeks on average.

Stage 1: Online test
Stage 2: Phone screen with recruiter
Stage 3: Phone interview with hiring manager
This interview is a blend of questions on the candidate's resume, a few knowledge based questions and coding questions (standard algorithmic questions and a design related question). The interviewer is more interested in the candidate's problem solving approach than the actual code.
Stage 4: Onsite interview
The onsite includes 5 interviews: technical rounds (whiteboard coding and design), a personal interview with HR, and 1-2 behavioral interviews with managers. The questions are on basic data structures, algorithms, and design questions.

There is no data about the interview process for a data scientist at Informatica.

The interview process for a product/experience/UX UI designer can take up to 5 weeks.

Stage 1: Phone screen with recruiter
Stage 2: Phone interview with hiring manager
Stage 3: Onsite interview, which includes whiteboard design challenges

There is no data about the interview process for a product manager at Informatica.

Interview Questions
  • Java object inheritance.
  • Design the data structure for a calculator.
  • Hashtable related questions.
  • Define a double linked list class and implement the deletion.
  • How do you store the average salary of a department that allows you to retrieve and update them very quickly?
  • How do you swap pages in memory?
  • BST, self-balanced tree.
  • Survey different systems, including their system (OOP style).
  • Implement binary search recursively/iteratively.
  • How do you block queue implementation in Java?
  • How do you traverse an alternate tree structure?
  • Given 2 tables, write a Java program to join them. You should not iterate both, you should use a hash map.
  • How would you encrypt an image?
  • Write a linked list class.
  • Solve "number of array inversion" problem.
  • Write Java code to detect if a graph contains a cycle or not.
  • What is the big o of several data structures of insert or search?
  • ConcurrentHashMap design.

There is no data about the interview process for a data scientist at Informatica.

  • Have you worked on Enterprise applications?
  • Run junit tests on hudson.

There is no data about the interview process for a product manager at Informatica.

About Informatica


Accelerate our customers' data-driven digital transformations.


We are driven by the rallying cry to conquer the impossible with data.

Do Good
We have an integrated focus on our customers, our partners, our community, and the world. We think about how we affect those around us at every level - as individuals, as teams, and as a company. We consciously consider the bigger picture in our daily work and in all out decision-making.

Act as One Team
We work with integrity, holding each other accountable every day, and work collaboratively across functions as a high-performing family. We care about our company and one another. We promote collaboration and depend on each other to create the best solutions for our customers. We expect a lot and we give a lot. Because as a family, we win together and lose together.

Think Customer-First
We put customers first in all we do. We are fiercely dedicated to thoroughly serving our customers and delivering on our promises. We empower our customers to make an impact on the world, because we believe their success is our success.

Aspire for the Future
We show openness and agility, and are forward-thinking, now and in our future innovations. We champion new ideas and face challenges head-on because this is what the champion of intelligent disruptors should do. We will remain innovative and adaptive to continue to lead the categories that data-driven disruptors care about. We will embrace risk when appropriate. We will be smart and calculated as we venture forward with an innovative mindset.

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  • Redwood City: 2100 Seaport Blvd
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