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  • Salary is on the higher end of the spectrum for software engineers
Interview Process

The interview process for a software engineer can take 1-5 weeks

Stage 1: Online coding challenge
**Stage 2: *Technical phone interview with engineering manager.
*Stage 3: **Onsite interview

The interview process for a data scientist can take 1-3 weeks

Stage 1: Phone screen with team manager
**Stage 2: *Technical phone interview
*Stage 3: **Onsite interview

The interview process for a product/experience/UX UI designer can take 4 weeks

Stage 1: Phone screen with recruiter
**Stage 2: *Technical phone interview
*Stage 3: **Onsite interview

The interview process for a product manager can take 1-3 weeks

Stage 1: Homework assignment
**Stage 2: *Technical phone interview
*Stage 3: **Onsite interview

Interview Questions
  • Given a M*N board with characters and a dictionary with words, from any position of the board, you can go for 8 directions. Find all the words that can be formed by starting at one position on the board and going in one direction.
  • Given a library function X, please implement it. What advantages does this library function provide versus this other method? What are some runtime concerns of your implementation?
  • There are N songs to create a list of length L. (L is greater than N.) When a song has played, there have to be K songs before it can be repeated. How many lists can be created?
  • There are N numbers in an array. Each move can choose (N - 1) of the numbers to add one. How many moves does it take to make them all equal?
  • Convert a dictionary into json format without using any 3-p library.
  • Parse string from JSON object and parse JSON from string.
  • Find how many letters a second word is away from being an anagram of the first word.
  • If xi<xj,yi<yj, we say (xj,yj) dominates (xi,yi). Given a set of number pairs (xi,yi), how many indomitable pairs are there?
  • Reduce an array to one element by performing moves. Find the minimum cost.
  • Implement LRU cache
  • Design a Hangman AI.
  • Given a string, return the next incrementally more sorted string.
  • Count the lovely number from 1 to a given n. Lovely number is a number with unique characters. eg. 123 is a lovely number while 122 isn't.
  • Schedule the course calendar for course sessions (use java.util.date and java.util.calendar)
  • Given an array D of numbers and a target T, count the number of permutations of D [Da, Db, D_c] where a < b < c and a + b + c <= T.
  • Sort royal names in lexicographical order.
  • Given 3 strings, one for a prefix, one full word, and one suffix, determine whether the prefix or suffix is longer based on the full word given.
  • Write a program that returns string yes if it is possible for the bot to start at a point(x1,y1) and reach point(x2,y2).
  • Given a nested Python dictionary, transform to json format.
  • Given a number, return all unique combinations of numbers that sum to that number. Eg. given 4, return 1+1+1+1, 1+1+2, 2+2, 1+3

There is no data about interview questions for a data scientist at Coursera.

  • Describe a brand you love. How are they successful? How would you improve them?

There is no data about interview questions for a PM at Coursera.

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