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  • Really strong engineering culture, with an emphasis on analytics and data
  • Lots of opportunity for professional growth
  • Culture is a breath of fresh air according to employees
  • Still working on internal processes and roadmap
Interview Process

The interview process for a software engineer can take 1-4 weeks

Stage 1: Online coding challenge
Stage 2: Phone screen with recruiter
Stage 3: Technical phone interview
Stage 4: Onsite interview

The interview process for a data scientist can take 2-4 weeks

Stage 1: Phone screen with recruiter
Stage 2: Take home data challenge
Stage 3: Technical phone interview with data science hiring manager
Stage 4: Onsite interview

The interview process for a product/experience/UX UI designer can take 1-4 weeks

Stage 1: Phone screen with recruiter
Stage 2: Phone interview with Head of Design
Stage 3: Onsite interview, including portfolio presentation

The interview process for a product manager can take 2-6 weeks

Stage 1: Phone screen with recruiter
Stage 2: Take home assignment
Stage 3: Technical phone interview to review assignment with PM
Stage 4: Onsite interview

Interview Questions
  • Model a 2 player chess game as an OOP system.
  • Spiral print a 2d array.
  • Design a cache.
  • Traverse a matrix of integers from top left, then print each row/column until you get to the center.
  • What is a binary tree and how do you check if it is a balanced tree?
  • Given an ordered list, there are 2 instructions to the server, e.g. move 2 after 4, reverse 4 and 5. If the server has some delay, how do you design the protocol to process these queries?
  • How would you represent a jigsaw puzzle, and write an algorithm to solve this jigsaw puzzle? You are given a set of pieces (each one having 4 edges), a function that, given an edge, returns what kind of edge it is (flat, tab, or hole), and a function that returns true if the given two edges are an interlocking pair.
  • Create a data structure to serialize XML/HTML.
  • Merge 2 sorted lists of length n and m with only m extra space, n > m; find largest sum of consecutive integers in array, then do it using 2 threads.
  • Design DB tables so that adding an attribute isn't expensive.
  • Design a Twitter feed API.
  • Implement an LRU cache.
  • How do you do division without using / and % operator?
  • Design a database schema.
  • There is a grid with guards (represented by int 2), empty spaces (represented by int 0), and other objects (represented by int 1). There is a pillar, with guards standing in between the pillars. The guard can only look 2 directions. For a given guard, find how many empty spaces are on both its sides before hitting an object or guard.
  • How would you design a chess game? What classes and objects would you use? What methods would they have?
  • Design a back-end API for a game of chess.
  • Describe an algorithm to check for "correctness" (sortedness) of a binary search tree, and big-O of the algorithm
  • Describe an implementation of a least-used cache, and big-O notation of it
  • Write pseudocode to check if a data structure satisfies certain properties.
  • Design a backend API (function specs, and some pseudocode) that a frontend engineer can use for a game.
  • What is a linear regression?
  • How would you decide whether to ship a chat or a dashboard as a new feature?
  • How do you deal with a conflict when an engineer thinks your solution is wrong?
  • Build a layout algorithm.
  • Spotify believes that users have a better overall experience if they listen to new music. What should Spotify do in order to get more users listening to new music, how would you measure it, etc
  • What is an app that you like?
  • Tell me how you would go about defining requirements and building a product that s a YouTube competitor.
  • If you were the PM for X app and you had to improve Y, how would you approach it?
  • Company X had a process that had Y problems, how would you improve it?
  • What's a product you love to use right now? Let's break down why you love it and things you'd improve. Come up with a new feature for this product - what would be the success metrics for this new feature?
  • Design a fridge for office use.
  • An e-commerce company wants to launch a features suggestion, should they do it?
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