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  • Airbnb is known for their culture of belonging, though sometimes it can feel a little isolating/cult-like if you don't conform
  • The compensation for these roles is at the very high end of the spectrum compared to similar companies
  • They are continuing to grow rapidly and employees end up working long hours with a tough work-life balance
  • There have been some complaints that management is not the most effective
Interview Process

The process can take from 1 to 7 weeks.

Stage 1: Phone screen (45 min) with a fairly difficult code challenge
Stage 2: Onsite
The onsite interview lasts very long. It consists of technical and culture portion.

The process can take from 2 weeks to 2 months.

Stage 1: Phone screen with recruiter and possibly junior/senior data scientist(s)
Stage 2: Take-home data assignment (3-8 hrs to complete)
Stage 3: Onsite presentation
Half day on-site presentation to present the take home assignment and one project of their previous work; or in some cases an onsite data challenge.
Stage 4: Onsite interview to check cultural fit.

The process took from 2 days to 4+ weeks.

Stage 1: Phone screen with recruiter
Stage 2: Phone interview with designers with a design challenge
Stage 3: Onsite
The onsite interview is a presentation and interview with recruiters and designers. The challenge is fairly difficult and takes time to prepare.

The interview process can take from 1 to 4 weeks.

Stage 1: Phone screen
Stage 2: Onsite interview
This is a full day onsite interview. It starts with 2 hr challenge, which is then presented to a panel of product managers, designers, engineers etc. The applicant is offered lunch, then has 1:1 interviews with everyone who listened to his/her presentation to dig deeper into the presentation.

Interview Questions
  1. Find all the combinations of a string in lowercase and uppercase. For example, string "ab" -> "ab", "Ab", "aB", "AB". So, you will have 2^n (n = number of chars in the string) output strings. The goal is for you to test each of these strings and see if it matches a hidden string.
  2. Parse an escaped string into csv format.
  3. What SQL columns should you index and how would you change the indexing in different lookup scenarios?
  4. Scripting question which covered being able to recognize edge cases.
  5. Question involving examination of subsets.
  6. Sort a list of numbers in which each number is at a distance k from its actual position
  7. Implement a simple regex parser which, given a string and a pattern, returns a boolean indicating whether the input matches the pattern. By simple, we mean that the regex can only contain special character: * (star), . (dot), + (plus). The star means what you'd expect, that there will be zero or more of previous character in that place in the pattern. The dot means any character for that position. The plus means one or more of previous character in that place in the pattern.
  8. Find all words from a dictionary that are x edit distance away.
  9. Store a set of sudden-death tournament results in a compact format (eg. a bit array) and a set of predicted match results (also in a bit array). Score the predictions, giving one point per correctly guessed match, without unpacking the bit array into a more convenient format (ie. you have to traverse the tree in-place).
  10. Handle interaction with elements in a web page.
  11. Implement a circular buffer using an array.
  12. Dynamic Programming Question
  13. Provide a set of positive integers (an array of integers). Each integer represents number of nights users request on Airbnb.com. If you are a host, you need to design and implement an algorithm to find out the maximum number of nights you can accommodate. The constraint is that you have to reserve at least one day between each request, so that you have time to clean the room.

Example: 1) Input: [1, 2, 3] ===> output: 4, because you will pick 1 and 3 2) input: [5, 1, 2, 6] ===> output: 11, because you will pick 5 and 6 3) input: [5, 1, 2, 6, 20, 2] ===> output: 27, because you will pick 5, 2, 20

  1. Return the coins combination with the minimum number of coins. Time complexity O(MN), where M is the target value and N is the number of distinct coins. Space complexity O(M).
  • Knowledge of A/B testing.
  • How can you report the statistical results to a non-statistician staff?
  • Logistic regression.
  • End-to-end product questions (supply/demand balancing for a PaaS company with a lot of data columns to do various segmentations on). Be able to provide a presentation for a non-technical audience and then a technical appendix for the data crowd
  • How would you impute missing information?
  • Come up with a metric that helps reduce bias in the data set.
  • Brainstorm potential causes of an anomaly in web traffic data.
  • Does the practice of removing missing values cause bias? If so, what would you do?
  • How would you measure the effectiveness of our operations team?
  • An important metric goes down, how would you dig into the causes?
  • What metrics will you evaluate based on a scenario? - (e.g. launch in new city)
  • How would you design this application for Android?
  • Reimagine and redesign an existing digital product of your choice that showcases your skills and abilities to solve a complex problem as a designer.
  • Questions regarding certain design decisions in the portfolio review. They were some specifics about type choice, color choice, aesthetic v. usability, etc.
  • What does your design process look like?
  • How would you drive supply-side growth for certain markets?
  • How do you work with engineering to resolve conflicts? Walk through hypothetical case.
  • Talk about a project you started and pushed through engineering - what data did you look at, what did you consider, what problem did you see, how did you resolve it?
  • Walk me through how you prioritize your product backlog
About Airbnb


Airbnb's mission is to help create a world where you can belong anywhere and where people can live in a place, instead of just traveling to it.


Belong Anywhere.

Be a Host

Care for others and make them feel like they belong Encourage others to participate to their fullest Listen, communicate openly, and set clear expectations

Champion the Mission

Prioritize work that advances the mission and positively impacts the community Build with the long-term in mind Actively participate in the community and culture

Be a Cereal Entrepreneur

Be bold and apply original thinking Imagine the ideal outcome Be resourceful to make the outcome a reality

Embrace the Adventure

Be curious, ask for help, and demonstrate an ability to grow Own and learn from mistakes Bring joy and optimism to work

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