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Springboard vs General Assembly: Prices, topics, and details

Hi, I’m Brian, a former senior software engineer and now software engineering mentor at Pathrise. I have worked with hundreds of job-seekers to optimize their job search and get results like 3x more responses to their applications, 2x higher interview scores, and 10-20% increases in compensation through negotiation alone. Check out this article where I compare Springboard vs General Assembly.

Similarities and differences between Springboard and General Assembly

Springboard and General Assembly both offer courses in data science, software engineering, 

UX design, machine learning/AI, digital marketing, and data analytics. 


  • People can take their courses online.
  • Students who enroll in General Assembly full-time bootcamps and Springboard career tracks receive 1-on-1 sessions with an industry expert, as well as career coaching. 
  • Springboard & General Assembly have courses that prepare people for full-time bootcamps in software engineering and data science at places such as Flatiron School and Lambda School.
  • To apply, candidates must fill out an online application, as well as complete a behavioral interview and a technical assessment. 
  • Both provide networking opportunities and have active alumni networks. 


  • Springboard is an online learning tool. On the other hand, General Assembly is a tech bootcamp that offers courses onsite in San Francisco, New York City, and other tech hubs.
  • If you enroll in a Springboard Career Track, you should expect to work 15-20 hours per week for 6-9 months. Courses are self-paced, so you can set your own schedule. 
  • Full-time General Assembly bootcamps last 10-12 weeks and meet Monday-Friday for 8 hours each day. Online courses are held live, so daily attendance is required. 
  • Springboard graduates who do not land a job within 6 months of completing their program receive 100% of their tuition back. 
  • General Assembly students can defer making tuition payments through an ISA (income share agreement) or finance their bootcamp tuition through fixed-rate, low-interest loans. 

Springboard vs General Assembly

Courses offered by Springboard and General Assembly

Both Springboard and General Assembly offer courses that cover the following topics and much more:

  • UX design
  • Data science
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Software engineering 
  • Data analytics 

Prices for Springboard and General Assembly

Springboard offers prep courses in data science and software engineering that cost $490 and take 4-6 weeks (on average) to complete. Those who continue onto a career track receive a $490 tuition credit. Career tracks cost $5,900-$8,500. Most students put in 15-20 hours of work per week and finish the program in 6-9 months. 

General Assembly students can take 1-day workshops, part-time courses, and full-time immersive bootcamps. Some workshops, including SQL Training for Beginners, are free, while others can cost up to $250. Part-time courses, which meet for 1-10 weeks, cost $750-$3,950. Full-time bootcamps are a 10-12 week commitment and cost $13,500-$15,950, with the Software Engineering Immersive bootcamp being the most expensive option. Those who enroll in a full-time bootcamp can finance their tuition through loans or an ISA. With the ISA option, people pay 10% of their monthly income for 48 months once they secure a job earning at least $40,000 per year (gross salary).

Ratings and reviews of Springboard and General Assembly

Online reviews of Springboard are generally positive. Many grads benefited from having weekly 1-on-1 calls with their mentors, who provide advice on individual capstone projects, as well as useful insights and tips for working in the tech industry. Others enjoyed using the message board to connect with their peers and ask questions. But, some people did note that much of the program’s curriculum is available for free online, though they appreciated that everything was organized into easily digestible lessons. 

Even though General Assembly grads usually found roles that related to what they studied in their bootcamp, the reviews are mixed. Some recommended the program for its hands-on curriculum and in-depth career prep services, whereas others struggled to keep up with the rapid speed of the curriculum. Also, some grads were disappointed that their instructors did not have much industry experience.

Alternatives to Springboard and General Assembly

If you decide not to enroll in Springboard or General Assembly, you might consider one of the alternatives listed below instead: 

More alternatives
  • Aspiring data scientists with some experience can consider Metis. Learn more about Metis in our program review.
  • If you’re interested in taking an online product design bootcamp that is self-guided or instructor led, take a look at DesignerUp. Read about DesignerUp in our program review.
  • Designlab is an online bootcamp that teaches the necessary skills to land an entry-level UX designer job. See if Designlab meets your needs by reading our program review. 
  • An alternative to Springboard, Udacity is an online learning platform with offerings in programming, data science, and much more. Discover how Udacity can help you advance your current tech skills in our program reviews. 
  • Like Springboard and Udacity, Coursera, Pluralsight, and Simplilearn are online learning tools with hundreds of courses. 
  • Another online learning platform that offers degree certificates and collaborates on courses is edX. They host courses from top universities like Harvard and MIT as well as big tech companies like Microsoft. Learn more about edX in our review.
  • People on a tight budget can also consider Codecademy, one of the most popular free learning platforms online. They host full self-paced courses on data science and dozens of programming languages for free. Students can upgrade to a $20 to $40 monthly membership for greater course options and support. Learn more about Codecademy in our review.

How do Springboard and General Assembly compare to Pathrise?

Springboard and General Assembly offer courses that teach people the necessary skills to land a job as a software engineer or data scientist from scratch. While both offer part-time courses in UX design, machine learning/AI, product management, and other subjects, General Assembly has full-time bootcamps for aspiring UX designers, digital marketers, and product managers as well. 

Pathrise fellows should have some background in their field of interest before entering our program so that they can fully benefit from our industry workshops and 1-on-1 sessions, which prepare people for the questions they will likely encounter in their technical interviews. We have tracks in software engineering, product design, data science, digital marketing, and product, strategy & ops.

A full service organization, Pathrise helps people land their dream job in tech. Our mentors, who have years of experience on both sides of the hiring table, provide 1-on-1 assistance on every component of the job search. We place a great deal of emphasis on technical interview preparation, but we also support job-seekers on resume & portfolio building, cold emailing & reverse recruiting strategies, behavioral interview preparation, salary negotiation, and more. 

The General Assembly ISA is 10% of one’s monthly income for 48 months, whereas the Pathrise ISA is just 5-9% and we never require upfront payments or deposits. Springboard does not offer an ISA option. 

Pathrise is a career accelerator that works with students and professionals 1-on-1 so they can land their dream job in tech. With our tips and guidance, we’ve seen our fellows interview scores double.

If you are interested in working 1-on-1 with any of our mentors to optimize your job search, become a Pathrise fellow. 

Apply today.

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Brian Wong is an experienced senior software engineer and has worked at top bay area startups and organizations. In his free time, Brian works with Pathrise SWE fellows to help them land their dream job and learn insider tips on how to ace technical interviews.

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