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Is Pathrise the Best Career Accelerator? A Comprehensive Review

Our program has hundreds of reviews online, from Trustpilot to Reddit. We’ve honestly compiled Pathrise reviews here to help you decide if our program is right for you.

What is Pathrise?

Pathrise is a career accelerator that helps you land your next job. We help you optimize your job search and land the best possible job through frequent 1-on-1 sessions with experts, technical workshops, and ad hoc sessions with industry experts. The program continues until you are hired. You don’t pay anything until you start working at a job you love. The Princeton Review explains that we “give you an edge, get your foot in the door, and optimize the hiring process.”

Is Pathrise legit?

Pathirse is a YC backed startup with 5 years of experience helping 2,500+ fellows land great jobs at Google, Nike, Microsoft, and other top companies. Pathrise has raised $9 million in Series A funding in a round led by Learn Capital that included Western Technology Investment and Day One Ventures.  

Pathrise has helped 2500+ fellows

Does Pathrise work? 

The short answer is yes. Over the last 5 years, Pathrise has helped 2,500 fellows land great jobs with a near perfect placement rate. Through our optimization, fellows get a 2-4x increase in responses and see 5-15 quality opportunities per week, on average. When interviewing, candidates usually see a 1.5-3x increase in performance. Fellows in our program get a 10-20% increase in their salary (average of $10k-$20k) through our salary negotiation support alone. Our results speak for themselves.

What do Pathrise Reviews in the media say?

We’ve been featured in top publications like Forbes, Business Insider, The Princeton Review, VentureBeast, and many more–Pathrise reviews in the press have all been positive. 

The Atlantic published a Pathrise Review from one of our fellows: “Pathrise helped Aaron Ko, a 22-year-old software engineer, switch from a $68,000-a-year coding job to a position at an e-commerce startup called Ipsy, where he makes more than $100,000… He’s satisfied with the job and increase in salary, but after taxes, he pays 11 percent of his income.”

This is a very typical Pathirse review from one of our fellows. We help them land a better job at a higher salary–they only pay with a fraction (7-14%) of their new salary. 

What do Pathrise reviews from fellows say? 

Pathrise Reviews from our fellows are overwhelmingly positive since we placed them in great jobs. On Instagram, you can find Pathrise Reviews from fellows like Rebecca Keys, who landed her dream job at Microsoft, or Charlie Kelly, who landed his dream job as a support engineer after being on disability for 10 years. You can also find video testimonials and Pathrise reviews from fellows in our outcomes report. Here are some of our favorites:

Eva Bowdain

Eva was placed at CMRG (Solv Wellness) as a Digital/E-commerce Manager after 3 months in our program. The role was listed at $100k, but she negotiated it up to $120k. Eva’s last message to her mentor included a Pathrise review: “From wrangling my résumé to helping me through the negotiations, you and the Pathrise team were game changers! 10/10 would recommend the service to anybody.”

Kevin Lein

Kevin Lien was placed at Meta as a Display Test Engineer. When Kevin joined Pathrise, he hoped to make $80k. In only 51 days in our program, he landed a $150k job.

Wendel Bernavil

Wendel had been trying to get a job with Amazon for five years when he started with Pathrise. He had tried recruiting companies, educational courses– But they all required upfront payment with little outcomes to show. He came to Pathrise feeling discouraged and financially restricted, saying, “If Pathrise doesn’t work, I’m going to give up on my dream to work for Amazon”. After just two months in our program, Wendel accepted a job offer from Amazon. With help from his career mentor, Wendel negotiated his salary $8k higher and snagged a 10k signing bonus.

Still not convinced? Check out this extensive testimonial and blog post from a current Fellow, Paul Sylvester, on what he thinks of Pathrise while in the program.

What do Pathrise reviews on Reddit say? 

Pathrise Reviews on Reddit are skeptical of the income based repayment that charges 7-14% of the fellows’ new salary over 2 years. Payments are made monthly. Similar to paying taxes, many people don’t like the idea of landing a higher salary then having to pay a higher amount back. But ultimately, their income is still much higher and they’re better off. Unlike taxes, our income share is not marginal. Fellows pay a flat percentage of their salary. Payments are capped at $12 to $24k total, depending on which payment repayment program you choose. This means fellows who land exceptional high salaries above six figures don’t have to worry about unusually high payments. If you’re laid off, payments stop until you’re earning an income again–so you don’t have to worry about not having money to pay the income based repayment. 

Keep in mind, most Redditors that share a Pathrise review do not come from actual fellows in our program. Almost all Pathrise reviews on Reddit come from Redditors speculating based just on our website and program details. Very few have been in our program. 

One redditor who graduated from our program left a Pathrise Review: “It worked great for me…. Pathrise helped me clean up some interviewing problems I was having and working with the advisors helped tweak my resume. I ended up getting a six figure job with unlimited PTO where I still can’t call anything I’ve done “work”… When I made a positive experience post about them it was removed, which is concerning considering people are seeking opinions on both good and bad experiences but for some reason a concerted effort is being made to remove good experiences for reasons that remain unclear.”

The Redditors who have been in our program almost always left positive reviews of Pathrise. The few negative Pathrise reviews from grads mostly come from international students who are dissatisfied with the income share agreement. 

What do Pathrise reviews on Trustpilot say?

Pathrise has a 4.3/5 star rating on Trustpilot, which is considered “Excellent”. Pathrise reviews on Trustpilot rave about the 1-on-1 support from expert mentors and speedy placement at top companies. A 4 star Pathrise review says “I got FAANG offer after 7mo”. 

Pathrise reviews

How much does Pathrise cost?

Pathrise is free until you get a job. Once you land a great job (usually with a salary negotiated 10-15% higher than offered), you pay 7-14% of your new salary per our income based repayment program. Payments last for 2 years or until you pay the capped amount for your pathrise plan, whichever comes first. If you don’t land a great job in our program, you pay nothing.

Pathrise package

Should you join Pathrise based on Pathrise reviews?

Our fellows have had overwhelmingly positive experiences, so if you become a fellow, you will likely have a similar experience. When fellows do have complaints, it’s usually about paying a percentage of their salary after they’ve landed a great job at a much higher salary–though almost all are still satisfied.

You should be prepared for Pathrise to increase your income. When you land a salary above six figures, 7-14% of your income may be higher than you think. Of course, you’ll still be taking home much more than you were previously earning.

If you want help landing your dream job faster, a Pathrise trial could be a good fit. Our fellows are placed at Amazon, Google, and other top companies.

Join today.

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