Pathrise has raised a $9 million Series A

Pathrise is an online mentorship program that works with people to optimize their job search and find the best possible position for them. In April 2021, Pathrise hit an exciting milestone when they officially helped over 1,000 people land great jobs in tech. Now, Pathrise is making another important announcement: we have raised $9 million in our Series A funding!

The Pathrise Series A funding was announced in an article and interview in Forbes. Pathrise CEO Kevin Wu speaks with writer Karen Walker about the history of the organization, goals for the future, and how we plan to use this investment. The round was led by Learn Capital, and included Western Technology Investment and Day One Ventures.

Kevin explains the impetus behind starting Pathrise and growing it. “So many people’s careers hinge on serendipitous situations. For example, they are lucky enough to meet the right person, have the right family, or existing network. I think it’s crazy to leave 50% of our waking hours and the entirety of our livelihood to chance.

Pathrise was founded as a way of systematizing job search for people who are less likely to get lucky – underrepresented minorities, international students, state or community college students. These are people who aren’t on a campus that Facebook or Google might visit every week.”

That is why we are so happy to be able to share our inside information and data-backed tips that we have learned from helping so many people successfully navigate their job searches. You can find these tools on our blog and elsewhere.

Some examples are:

This investment will help Pathrise continue to build out products and systems that shed light on the nuance of the job search. With every person we help, we gain even more inside knowledge about how to optimize the job search and make it even more efficient. In addition, this capital will go towards hiring more expert mentors to complement our already vast network of industry and career experts from top tech companies and universities like Apple, Salesforce, Microsoft, Triplebyte, University of Chicago, Stanford, and more.

And what does the future look like for Pathrise and the job search in general?

In the interview, Kevin explained, “I see a world where it’s evident that you should be using a job search agency or entity to support you in your search. I think the way that people see the job search right now is similar to the way that people saw therapy ten years ago, which is, “Oh, you need  help,” as though it was some  shame or taboo. I think that’s crazy because, again, it impacts 50% of your waking hours, at least, and 100% of your livelihood.

Right now, people are going about it very unintentionally. For more senior people, it’s, “Oh well, if an opportunity comes, I’ll look at it”.  For junior people, it’s, “I’ll throw a bunch of applications at the wall and see what sticks”. Neither process is an effective strategy.”

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Ready to take the next step in your job search? Pathrise is an online mentorship program that has helped over 1,000 people successfully land roles in tech that pay well above industry standards. If you want to work 1-on-1 with our mentors to get help with your job search, join Pathrise. 

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