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A Review of Hyrise Academy Sales Bootcamp

Hi, I’m Alex! I’ve been working in sales for innovative startups like SoftBank Robotics and large corporations like NBC Universal for years. Now, I work as an industry mentor at Pathrise. I help people land great sales jobs through workshops and 1-on-1 mentorship. Check out my review of Hyrise Academy.

What does Hyrise Academy do?

Hyrise Academy (formerly Headstart Academy) is a new bootcamp that helps people launch a career in tech sales. The program is entirely remote, self-paced, and tailored to each student’s schedule. If grads don’t land a job in 6 months, they get a full refund.

Students work anywhere from 20-40+ hours per week in order to finish the course in 6-12 weeks on average. The curriculum consists of recorded videos, downloadable guides, and an active alumni community. In addition to watching recorded lectures, students work on projects for real sales companies, complete group challenges, and participate in 1-on-1 coaching sessions. 

The curriculum begins by covering sales fundamentals like funnels, pipelines, and sales industry standards. Next, the course pairs students with real tech companies as they generate leads, send sales emails, make sales calls, qualify their leads, and utilize social selling. Students then work on closing as they learn to conduct demos, overcome objections, and close deals. 

In the final phase of the bootcamp, the curriculum focuses on preparing students for the job search. Students optimize their digital profiles, participate in mock interviews, and develop a clear career action plan as they continue to work 1-on-1 with coaches. During the job search, grads continue to meet 1-on-1 with coaches as they get access to hiring partners such as Hubspot. If grads don’t land a job within 6 months, they get a full refund. 

Who is Hyrise Academy for?

People who want to start a new career in tech sales could benefit from Hyrise Academy. The program is especially helpful for people seeking a flexible self-paced course with lots of 1-on-1 mentoring. People who want to keep their full-time job while learning might also be a good match.

What does Hyrise Academy cost? How much work is involved?

Students can pay the $5,000 tuition upfront or defer payments until after they land a job with a $600 deposit. If students choose to defer payment, the tuition is $6,555 paid in 12 monthly installments after they get a job. Students who pay upfront but do not land a job within 6 months get a full refund.

The admissions process begins with completing a brief online form. Applicants then have a 30-minute informal screening call. Successful candidates move on to a final online assessment of their core sales skills. However, neither the assessment nor the course requires any formal sales experience.

Ratings and reviews

As a relatively new bootcamp, Hyrise Academy does not have too many online reviews. However, so far the reception has been mostly positive. The bootcamp holds a perfect 5 star rating on Course Report based on just 2 reviews. One grad was impressed that students “get individual coaching and feedback regularly” despite the self-paced and flexible schedule. The student also loved the extremely “practical” curriculum, satisfied that students “practice all the SDR activities for a real company selling real SaaS products which boosts your confidence to hit the ground running.” The other student review also raved about the mentoring and staff, commenting “I would not have made it without the support.”

The program also holds a perfect 5 star rating on Switchup based on just 1 review. The grad liked that the course empowered students to “build a solid network” as they worked for real companies. Small class sizes and mentoring were big hits as well. The program also hosts positive testimonials on their own website, where grads share similarly positive reviews.

Alternatives to Hyrise Academy 

If you choose not to enroll in a Hyrise Academy course, there are a number of alternative bootcamps and resources that can help you launch a career in sales.

  • Like Hyrise Academy, the 12-week sales bootcamp Uvaro gives students the opportunity to take on real client work. Starting at week 4, students can join their internship program to put their new sales skills to use for real clients as they continue to learn new skills from the bootcamp.
  • Another sales program that offers real work experience is Vendition. They offer an “apprenticeship” program that finds students a tech sales job first then trains them for it, offsetting the cost of admission. By the end of the bootcamp, students are prepared to step into their new entry-level account executive position.
  • Similarly, the bootcamps SV Academy and Always Hired pair students with real companies so they can work instead of paying tuition. However, students can pay upfront if they prefer not to work for a partner company.
  • Students seeking deferred payment options can look into Flockjay. Their 10-week program teaches people the skills they need to launch a career in B2B software sales, with lots of personalized feedback. They offer an income share agreement (ISA) so students don’t pay until they land a sales job. Learn more about Flockjay in our review.
  • A more intensive tech bootcamp is Tradecraft. They offer courses in sales, product design, growth marketing, and more. Their 12-week program is designed for people looking to land a job at a high-growth startup. 
  • Another remote and self-paced program is Prehired. Their course helps people launch a career in software sales through live training, 1-on-1 mentoring, and an active community. Like Hyrise Academy, they offer a job guarantee, so if grads don’t land a job after 12 months, they get a full refund.
More alternatives
  • People looking for a low-cost flexible program can check out Aspireship. Their free bootcamp helps people become account executives at SaaS companies. Like Hyrise Academy, the program is remote and largely self-paced.
  • Students on a tight budget can also look into Udemy. Their platform hosts 100,000+ self-paced courses in tech topics like tech sales. Their courses consist mostly of recorded video lectures that are comparable to Hyrise Academy’s self-paced video curriculum. Classes only cost about $10 each and come with lifetime access.
  • People who want to take university style courses can check out edX. Their online platform hosts courses from top universities like Harvard and MIT as well as big tech companies like Microsoft. Learn more about edX in our review.
  • Similarly, Coursera offers thousands of free and paid courses on topics like sales taught by professors at accredited universities.
  • The online learning platform Udacity offers both free and paid courses on a wide variety of tech topics, including business analytics and growth product management. Students in “nanodegree” programs work closely with both a technical mentor and a career coach as they build portfolio projects. Find out if Udacity can help you achieve your career goals in our review.
  • Students who want to build and sell software products without learning to code can check out Bubble no-code bootcamps. Learn more about how Bubble can help people break into the tech industry without coding in our review.

How does Hyrise Academy compare to Pathrise?

Hyrise Academy is a new bootcamp that helps people start their careers in sales. In addition to preparing students for interviews, they support grads through the first 6 months of job search. Pathrise is a full service organization that helps people with each step of their job search for as long as needed. Fellows in our program work 1-on-1 with experienced mentors to optimize their resumes and LinkedIn profiles, build their portfolios, find recruiters, send cold emails, prepare for technical and behavioral interviews, negotiate salaries, and much more.

Like Hyrise Academy, the Pathrise program is flexible. Fellows in our program only have 2-4 hours of group sessions per week and 1-on-1s that can be scheduled as needed. The Pathrise income share agreement (ISA) means that fellows don’t pay anything until they land a great tech job. We never require any upfront payments or deposits.

Pathrise is a career accelerator that has helped 1,000+ students and professionals land their dream job in tech, usually in just 3-5 months. With our tips and guidance, fellows in our program have seen their application responses triple. If you are interested in working with any one of our mentors to optimize your job search, join Pathrise. 

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