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Best coding bootcamps in New York to kickstart your career

Hi, I’m Brian, a former senior software engineer and now industry mentor at Pathrise. I have helped hundreds of software engineers land their dream jobs in tech. Check out my article with the best coding bootcamps in New York.

With a tech scene that keeps flourishing, New York is home to a number of startups and well known tech companies, including Adobe, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Salesforce, and many others. Thanks to the growing number of software engineering jobs in the city, more and more people are heading to New York and enrolling in coding bootcamps to jumpstart their careers.

Because there are so many options to choose from, finding the right coding bootcamp can be overwhelming. We want to help you decide which program best fits your goals and learning objectives. So, we created a list of the best coding bootcamps in New York to help you narrow down your options.

Best coding bootcamps in New York

1. Thinkful

Thinkful offers a full-stack software engineering bootcamp in New York City, as well as other locations. Students can choose from 2 programs: immersion and flexible. The immersion program meets for 50-60 hours per week for 5 months. But, the flexible program meets for 25-30 hours per week for 6 months. In addition, students in this program can set their own schedule. Those in the both programs work with mentors, instructors, and TAs to study web development fundamentals (HTML, CSS, & JavaScript), server side programming with NodeJS, front end development with React, data structures, algorithms, and more.

Students practice building interactive web applications, which they can add to their portfolios. Throughout the program, career coaches assist students with resume and portfolio building, behavioral and technical interview prep, and other components of the job search. Students can finance their tuition through an income share agreement (ISA), loans, or monthly payments. 

2. Flatiron School

A well known program, Flatiron School offers a software engineering bootcamp in New York City. This 15-week, full-time course meets Monday-Friday from 9am-6pm. The curriculum features class discussions, lectures, pair-programming exercises, labs, and other hands-on projects, which students can add to their portfolios. The curriculum covers object-oriented programming, SQL, Ruby, Sinatra, JavaScript, and front end with React & Redux. Students meet with career coaches in the final weeks of the program to work on resume building, interview preparation, and more. In addition, Flatiron grads can network with fellow alumni, who have a strong presence in a number of tech hubs, including New York City and San Francisco. 

3. General Assembly

Aspiring software engineers in New York City can also check out the 12-week immersive program offered by General Assembly. Students learn computer science fundamentals, as well as study more advanced topics, such as algorithms, data structures, design patterns, and APIs. The program teaches students how to build interactive full stack applications using different frameworks and stacks. Students practice using in-demand tools, such as Python and Django. Towards the end of the program, students have 1-on-1 sessions with career coaches to discuss resumes, portfolios, and interview prep. Learn more about General Assembly in our review.

Photo of coding bootcamps in New York

4. App Academy

App Academy is a software engineering bootcamp with courses in New York City. Those who enroll in their immersive program meet Monday-Friday from 9am-6pm for 16 weeks. They focus on frameworks and tools, such as Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and SQL, as well as key computer science concepts, including algorithms and data structures. The program is ideal for people who are interested in back-end engineering, iOS development, and big data. Students participate in lectures, pair programming sessions, and hands-on projects, as well as meet with career coaches, who offer guidance on resume and portfolio building, technical and behavioral interview prep, and salary negotiation. App Academy provides job assistance for life, so alumni can keep receiving support even after graduating. 

5. Hack Reactor 

A software engineering bootcamp, Hack Reactor offers a 12-week, full-time course in New York City that meets on Monday-Friday from 9AM-8PM. Before enrolling, students must complete 80 hours of self-paced pre-work, which is available online for free. The bootcamp teaches React, Block, and full stack JavaScript, as well as API and CSS frameworks. During the second half of the program, students build an application from scratch and meet with career coaches to prepare for their job search. Students receive assistance with resumes, interview preparation, salary negotiation, and more. 

6. Fullstack Academy

Fullstack Academy has full-time (13 weeks) and part-time (24 weeks) software engineering bootcamps in New York City, as well as Chicago. By participating in lectures, workshops, pair programming challenges, and hands-on projects, students learn how to work with databases, write their own queries using SQL, and build web and mobile applications (front end and back end) using HTML5, CSS, React, JavaScript, Node.js, and APIs. Students spend the second half of the program working on 3-4 projects, both in groups and independently. In the final weeks, students focus on their job search. Career coaches assist students with interview prep and portfolio building, as well as LinkedIn and resume optimization.

7. Galvanize

Galvanize offers bootcamps in software engineering, as well as data science. Prospective students must complete 80 hours of self-paced pre-work or take the Galvanize 6-week prep course, which is part-time, paid, and offered online. For the full-time bootcamp, classes meet Monday-Friday from 9am-8pm and on Saturdays from 9am-5:30pm for 12 weeks. Those who enroll in the software engineering immersive focus on full stack JavaScript and application design.

In the first half of the program, students participate in lecture, labs, and Q&A sessions. They study key computer concepts, such as inheritance patterns, algorithms, MVC patterns, databases, frameworks (API, JavaScript, CSS), and server side technologies. During the second portion of the bootcamp, students work on teams to develop a front end application. In the final weeks of the program, students focus on the job search by working 1-on-1 with career coaches, who provide guidance on interview prep, salary negotiation, resume building, and more.

8. Codesmith

Focused on helping students prepare for mid- and senior-level software engineering roles, Codesmith is a 12-week software engineering bootcamp with online prep and intro courses, as well as on-campus immersive programs in New York City and Los Angeles. Classes meet from 9am-8pm on Monday-Friday, as well as from 9am-4:30pm on Saturday. Students master concepts such as algorithms, data structures, programming paradigms, design patterns, analytical problem solving, and more. Codesmith offers extensive career support, including interview preparation, portfolio development, and post-graduation check-ins. In fact, multiple companies interview Codesmith students in the final weeks of the bootcamp. 

9. BrainStation

People who are interested in launching a career in web development can check out BrainStation, a tech bootcamp with courses in New York City, as well as other cities. They offer a 12-week, full-time course that meets Monday-Friday from 9:30am-4:30pm. Students learn how to create multi-page websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flexbox, React, APIs, service-side programming, databases, Git, and Jira software. They participate in lectures, code-alongs, labs, in-class project work, and 1-on-1 mentoring sessions.

Throughout the program, they build a number of their own projects, which form the basis of their portfolios. At the end of the bootcamp, BrainStation students work with career coaches, hiring managers, and practicing web developers to prepare for behavioral & technical interviews. They can also network with BrainStation’s hiring partners, which include a number of world-class tech companies. 

10. Noble Desktop

Noble Desktop is a tech bootcamp with part-time offerings in front end and full stack development, a well as other subjects. Students choose from a number of certificate programs and bootcamps, including iOS app development, web design, JavaScript & jQuery, Flexbox (including Grid & Bootstrap), web design with WordPress & PHP, Ruby on Rails, PHP & MySQL, and other topics. Students spend anywhere from 18 to 132 hours in the classroom. While their courses teach people the necessary technical skills to land a job as a web developer, Noble Desktop does not offer job placement services. 

11. Byte Academy

With tracks in software engineering and data science, Byte Academy offers part-time and full-time bootcamps in New York City. People can enroll in their 4-week, part-time intro to software development program, which covers HTML, CSS, Flask, Python libraries, Google Firebase, and other important tools, as well as their immersive Python software engineering bootcamp, which can be taken full-time (14 weeks) or part-time (24 weeks). The immersive program prepares students for roles in software engineering, systems architecture, and development (web, front-end, and back-end). In addition to advancing their Python skills, students study object oriented programming, SQL, JavaScript, and React.

At the end of the program, students build 2 end-to-end applications (1 team project and 1 individual project). Those who enroll in the immersive bootcamps have access to Byte Academy’s career services for the duration of the program. Students meet with career coaches to discuss every component of their job applications, including interview prep, resumes, and portfolios. 

With this list of coding bootcamps in New York, you should be on your way to finding a program that works for you.

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